Supercross 4: How to Succeed in Career Mode

Supercross 4 introduces new depth into career mode, such as a skill system that allows you to develop your character’s riding abilities. However, the game has a steep learning curve which many players will find challenging to overcome. Newcomers to the series will probably struggle, whilst other racers blaze past them at incredible speeds.

Thankfully, there are many ways to improve. A few changes to your playstyle will take you from the bottom of the pack to a podium position in no time. Here are a few tips to help you succeed in Supercross 4’s career mode.


The Compound is hidden in the corner of the Single Player tab of the main menu, but it’s actually an extremely important part of your Supercross training. The Compound allows you to learn everything you need to know about Supercross. However, instead of training on the tight tracks, you can ride across open fields and roam the great outdoors.

This large, open area will give you the freedom you need to practice jumps, tight corners and open straights until you’ve developed your technique. If you’re struggling with one particular aspect, you can just turn around and try again until you’ve nailed it.

Once you have practiced enough, try riding at high speeds through the Compound. You’ll have to quickly adapt to focus on whatever is ahead of you, which will give you a better idea of what to do when you’re on the track. You might not remember the jump ahead in the middle of a frenetic race, so teaching yourself to adapt quickly is key.

Time Trials

After practicing in the Compound for a while, it’s time to get on the track. Before you jump into a tournament or Career Mode though, you should learn the different courses in Time Attack. You’ll find this mode under the Event square in the single-player menu.

Time Attacks will allow you to practice every track without other riders distracting you. Push yourself to learn the important parts of every map. Focus on remembering where the tightest corners and biggest jumps are, as these could be the greatest setbacks when you are competing against other racers. If you prefer not to learn tracks, there are plenty of offbeat racing games which can offer something different.

There are a lot of tracks, and of course, it can be daunting to try to remember them all. Instead, start a Career Mode and see which course is coming next. This gives you an upper hand, as you will be prepared for every corner, rather than aimlessly following your opponents. This will help you know when to brake, scrub and push your balance forward to reach the highest speeds.

Skill Points

Skill points are a new addition to the Supercross series. These allow you to track the progression of your rider as you progress from Future Star to Pro. There are many categories that affect a range of different aspects of your rider, including braking power and whip execution speed.

To succeed in Career Mode, focus primarily on control when landing, which is the last skill on the Bike Control section. This increases the amount of impact your bike can absorb during a landing. Jumps are scattered frequently around tracks, so you’ll need this to ensure that you aren’t losing speed when you land.

Cornering is also a crucial part of Supercross. Both turn control and banking management are key to shaving seconds from your best time, as you’ll be able to turn sharper while remaining stable at high speeds. This should help you whip in front of the opposition and give you a fast path to the front of the pack.

Bike Upgrades

Bike upgrades are rather hidden in Supercross 4, but that doesn’t make them any less important. You can find the bike upgrade screen in the My Rider tab. Click customize and navigate through the different parts available to drastically improve your bike.

Modifications like these have a huge impact on performance in all racing games, and even help create some of the fastest bikes in many games. You’ll need to save some credits to afford the upgrades, but this shouldn’t be too hard after a few races.

When you get to the Rookie competition level, you will be offered various types of sponsorship. Each sponsorship allows different levels of bike customization, so consider this greatly when choosing a team.

Ensure that your sponsor allows liberal bike customization so that you can increase your speed and handling. This will give you a significant competitive edge, which will surely help increase your position in the standings.

Balance is Key

Even with all those tips in mind, you might still be struggling. Every bump sends your rider flying, and corners usually end with you crumpled on the floor. Supercross 4 has an incredibly steep learning curve, and the controls are unlike any other racing game. The right thumbstick is extremely important, much more so than the usual game where it simply controls the camera.

The right stick controls your rider’s balance in the Supercross series. Forgetting this will leave you constantly unstable, and you’ll often see that you are lagging behind the pack quite significantly.

By shifting your balance forward, you can go faster. This is important both on straights and in corners. Shift forward to increase your speed in the apex of a corner to propel you further than your opponents, giving you a boost toward first place. The apex is the innermost point of the corner, so keep that in mind every time you come toward one.

Using the five tips above, you should find yourself reaching higher positions than ever before. With these methods and a bit of practice, you’ll easily be able to reach a podium position and become a Supercross pro. If you’re feeling confident, why not move on to multiplayer? You might be able to rise high enough to compete in a Supercross 4 eSports tournament. 

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