Tears Of The Kingdom Collector’s Edition Trailer Adds Evidence To Zelda OLED Switch Rumours

An all-new trailer for Tears of the Kingdom closed Wednesday's bumper Nintendo Direct, closely followed by more details about the collector's edition of the anticipated sequel. No mention of the rumored special edition OLED Switch that might accompany the game's launch later this year, but patterns and symbols on some of the items you get with the game have further suggested the leaked images of the console might well be the real deal.

Tears of the Kingdom's collector's edition comes with quite a bit of very special-looking stuff. An official art book, pins with symbols from the game on them, and a steel poster of Link up in the clouds looking down on Hyrule. All very nice, but some Zelda fans are less interested in what the bundle comes with and more focused on the patterns and symbols that can be seen on some of those items.

Perhaps most notably the swirls which are absolutely everywhere, most prominently on the box itself. As pointed out by corleyms on Reddit, those swirls aren't from Breath of the Wild, nor have they been featured in any trailer or material advertising Tears of the Kingdom until now. However, they can be seen in the images of the special edition OLED Switch dock that were circulated late last year.

But wait, there's more. The symbols on the aforementioned pins and on the outside of the box they come in, which also haven't been shown anywhere else before now, were also featured in the leaked console images. On the back of the dock, and on the front and back of the accompanying Joy-Con.

The amount of detail in the leaked images alone proved evidence enough for many Zelda fans that Tears of the Kingdom will be getting its own Switch. The symbols from them showing up on official merch for the game might well confirm it for many. Hopefully those who want absolutely all of the above have been saving up, and even those who just want the game will need to pay $70 for it. Don't panic though, Nintendo has already confirmed that doesn't mean all of its premium releases will be that price moving forward.

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