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After making your way through the second island in Temtem, you will have the ability to unlock a personal house that you can decorate and relax in. However, the quest to unlock your own house is long and can be confusing, taking you all over the first two islands.

You can start the quest 'On Solid Footing?' after dealing with the situation in Anak Volcano on Omninesia. Let's take a look at how to complete this quest to unlock a housing plot, then how to complete the second quest, 'If You Build It', to construct your own house.

On Solid Footing? Quest Walkthrough

After accepting the quest 'On Solid Footing?' from Salamasina at the Coral Plaza in Citerior Omninesia, you will be asked to find a Myrisle Engineer so he can grant you a certificate that the land for your house is suitable to build on.

To start, head to the MyrEng building in Nanga, near the airship dock. Find Oliana inside, who will tell you that the engineer is on vacation on Deniz, and to talk to the Arrisola Palace hotel receptionist in Arrisola. Fly back to Deniz, then find the hotel in Arrisola.

The receptionist will tell you to check his room, where you will find a brochure for the Sirokos Bar in Terquesa. Head here to search for clues.

At the Sirokos Bar, talk to the person with green hair, Ektli. He will tell you that he has information on Kalei, the engineer, but will only tell you more if you give him a Cerneaf. This Temtem can only be obtained by evolving it from Deendre after 25 levels. You will not get this Cerneaf back from Ektli after trading it, so be sure to choose the right one.

After giving Ektli the Cerneaf, he will tell you to meet him at the abandoned furniture shop in the Thalassian Cliffs. After heading inside, you will be ambushed by Belsoto agents. Defeat them to save the real Ektli, who will reward you with a Zadar family dining table furniture item for your house, once you get it.

Ektli will tell you that he met with Kalei, and that he has probably washed ashore somewhere near Terquesa. Surf back down to Terquesa, and look to the west for Minos, who is wandering back and forth. He will be skeptical of your identity, and ask you several questions to prove you aren't Belsoto. The answers are as follows.

  1. Kalei, an engineer from MyrEng.
  2. Meeting a friend.
  3. Ektli.
  4. At the Arissola Palace.
  5. Surfing.

After answering these questions correctly, Minos will tell you that Kalei was going to meet the Headmistress of the Accadamia in Briçal de Mar, Dolça. Head here, and go up to the second floor to find Dolça. She will suspiciously say she doesn't know anything. Go to the next room over and talk to Marcelino, who is actually Kalei in disguise. He will then go to the Arissola airship dock.

Meet Kalei at the dock, then battle one final Belsoto agent. After defeating them, Kalei will go back to Omninesia, where he will resume his work with MyrEng. Head back to the Coral Plaza and talk to Salamasina once again to complete the quest. Now, you will be able to purchase a housing plot for 30,000 Pansuns, granting you the Property Deed key item.

If You Build It Quest Walkthrough

Although you now have a housing plot, you will need to complete another quest to build a house on it. After completing 'On Solid Footing?', you can accept the quest 'If You Build It' from Salamasina to begin the second quest to build your house.

For this quest, you will need to find an architect that can construct your house. Head to Windward Fort on Deniz, and go up the stairs just next to the entrance to find the architect. She will ask for a Vulor as inspiration for your house's design, which you will not get back after giving it to her. This Temtem can be tamed in the Mines of Mictlan on Tucma.

After giving the architect your Vulor, she will draft designs for your house. Return to Salamasina and give her the designs. Now, you will need to get the building materials for your house. Travel back to Tucma and talk to the Smiths' Guild Rep in the Smiths' Guild, you will tell you the materials are on board the Orca airship, which should be in the dock. Go to the airship dock and talk to Manfredo, who is standing in front of the Orca.

He will tell you the materials are on board and ready to go, but they are waiting for their captain before they can take them to Atoll Row. Now, you will need to find the captain of the Orca, Makamba. Manfredo says the captain is somewhere on Kisawa, and to try the Vumbi Dojo first. Head there and talk to Musa's ADC, who is standing in the entrance of the Dojo. After learning nothing from this NPC, you will now need to head to Upinzani, where Makamba can be found on the west side of the town.

After finding and talking to Makamba, he will head back to the Orca and fly the ship to Nanga in Omninesia, where you can now go to meet him. Talk to Makamba at the airship dock, and give him directions to Atoll Row. The answers are as follows.

  1. Atoll Row, Citerior Omninesia.
  2. …the Canopath.
  3. Watch out for the Anak Volcano.
  4. Yareni?
  5. Shuine?
  6. Salamasina.

Answer all of these questions correctly, and Makamba will be able to deliver the building materials to Salamasina. Take one final trip back to Atoll Row, talk to Salamasina, and your house will be complete. You can interact with the tube nearby to travel directly to your house.

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