Temtem: Where To Find Barnshe

Temtem is gearing up to be an action-packed game with many creatures and quests. One Temtem, Barnshe, must be found in order to complete the Denizan Icarus sidequest.

Somewhere along your Temtem journey, you’ll come across a young photographer named Daedalus. He really wants to find a Barnshe to get that sweet action shot, but he can’t find one. It’s up to you to track one down.

This is a bit easier said than done. Barnshe is a super rare Temtem that can only be found in a specific location. It’s both tough to beat and fragile, depending on the Temtem in your squad, so be careful when you take on this barn owl banshee (hence the name).

Where Barnshe Can Be Found

Barnshe can only be found on the top floor of Windward Fort, on the island of Deniz. There’s no tall grass here, but just walking around will cause you to encounter Temtem.

Unfortunately, Barnshe has a 5% spawn rate, meaning you’ll be spending quite some time wandering around here. However, if you do find and tame a Barnshe, you can bring one to Daedalus as part of the Denizan Icarus quest and be rewarded with TC003: Turbo Choreography. Daedalus can be found on top of the Thalassian Cliffs in keeping with his namesake.

How To Evolve Barnshe

Barnshe cannot evolve ,as it has no evolutionary forms. Stranger still, all Barnshe that are caught in the wild are female, so you can breed more of them.

What Barnshe Can Do In Battle

Barnshe is a Wind/Mental-type Temtem, meaning it’s weak to Digital and Crystal techniques, but it’s also 4-times weak against Electric techniques. Electric moves will be Barnshe’s Achilles heel (to continue the Greek theme), so be sure to keep your Barnshe away from Electric-types.

To make up for that one glaring weakness, Barnshe is strong against Melee, Earth, Toxic, and Neutral-type Temtem. It also takes half-damage from other Wind-types.

Barnshe has two extremely good traits. The first is Neutrality, which prevents it from becoming afflicted with ANY Status Condition. This means you can’t sleep, paralyze, poison, or do anything else to Barnshe.

Air Specialist, Barnshe’s other trait, increases the power of all Wind-type techniques by 15%. This makes Barnshe hit extremely hard, and when combined with its Tornado technique at level 40, it can one-shot many Temtem even without a type advantage.

Barnshe is a strong choice for any Temtem team and is well worth the time needed to tame one.

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