Tennis League VR Spins Onto Quest 2 This Month

Tennis League VR is coming to Quest headsets this month, set to release on April 20.

Announced last year, Tennis League VR wants to bring the full tennis experience into virtual reality, with several options for play. Developer AnotheReality says it’s “made for aspiring pros, fitness fanatics and casual joes,” with both offline solo and online multiplayer modes.

You can check out some gameplay footage in the release date trailer above. AnotheReality says seasoned tennis players will be able to use real tennis techniques in-game, refining slices, lobs and topspin shots across the different modes. There will be a career mode for solo play and an academy mode for training, as well an online multiplayer mode to play against friends or spectate online matches.

There will also be arcade mode, featuring the freshly-revealed Droid Rush game shown in the trailer above and the pictures below. AnotheReality describes Droid Rush as “tennis meets tower defense,” where players will be taken off the court and thrust into a neon virtual environment to fend off robots using precise shots and sharp reflexes.

Tennis League VR will be available on the official Quest Store from April 20, but if you’re itching to check it out already then there’s a free demo available now via App Lab to tide you over.

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