The 10 Best N64 Games To Play With Dad On Father’s Day

For gamers around during its release, the Nintendo 64 is synonymous with the birth of a new age for video games, boasting some of the most beloved entries for iconic franchises like Pokemon, Super Mario, and The Legend of Zelda. These games transcend age, gender, or heritage, and are still enjoyed by millions of fans today.

Now, in celebration of Father's Day, many fathers and their children will be gaming to enjoy quality time together. Whether your dad is a complete stranger to games or the inspiration behind your love for them, there are several excellent N64 titles to enjoy with dads of all skill levels; just go easy on him for one day.

10 Super Smash Bros. Melee – Fighting Games' All-Time Great

There are few fighting games that match the charm and competitiveness of Super Smash Bros. The controls are simple enough that spamming can sometimes be a viable strategy, but experts of the series will tell you that there is far more to Smash than button mashing, unless you're looking for a 'wombo combo' straight off the stage.

If you want a quick match that you can pick up and put down, then this is definitely the choice for you. It's fairly easy for any dad to pick up and play, plus what better way to quickly learn a game than by losing horribly to someone younger than you?

9 Pokemon Stadium – Sweet Controller Sharing

If you're more interested in teaming up with your dad against a common enemy, then Pokemon Stadium offers a slow-and-steady pace to get dad caught up on type advantages and the best rental Pokemon to choose. You don't need a second N64 controller to play this one, though there are some excellent head-to-head mini-games worth playing if you do have an extra controller lying around.

For those who want to dive into the mini-games, try out Sushi-Go-Round or Clefairy Says for some fun, laughs, and a little confusion. For more traditional Pokemon battles, the Gym Leader Castle will offer a fun gauntlet of challenges to tackle together with dad.

8 Donkey Kong 64 – Buffoonery & Banana Peels

Donkey Kong and his family are a quirky sideshow with more appeal to Dads than their childish appearance may suggest. Donkey Kong offers a tag-in mechanic to switch between different members of the DK family as you unlock them throughout the bizarre story. This mechanic offers a fun way to trade off playing time and take a moment to absorb the fantastic setting.

Be aware that in order to enjoy the wacky world, you'll need to use the N64 Expansion Pak, which fixes a game-breaking bug that would render your cartridge useless. Once you have your game all set up, dive into this 3D nostalgia ocean and let it transport you back to a simpler time with charming polygons and pixilated primates.

7 Bomberman 64 – Bombs & Board Games

The first 3D Bomberman in the series, Bomberman 64 built off the success of Atomic Bomberman by introducing another dimension to the games. Bomberman hits the sweet spot when it comes to appealing to all skill levels as the single-player mode builds in difficulty to give players time to master their strategies.

Once you and dad have gotten your fill of the story, you can make your way into multiplayer and test your skills as you strategically place your bombs to knock out your opponents. The gameplay is straightforward but nuanced enough to keep the rounds fresh as you try to outwit each other and catch the other Bomberman in the line of fire.

6 Pokemon Snap – Catch The Perfect Shot

If you've had your fill of competition, then why not kick back and enjoy the beauty of some fine art. Pokemon Snap sends you on a serene journey through iconic landscapes to photograph and learn about the natural habitats of Pokemon.

While you can opt for a more graphically impressive experience in the new version of Snap, the N64 version might just win your heart with its adorable Mew encounter. Even dads who aren't Pokemon fans will be able to appreciate some photography, as there's something so satisfying about snapping Pokemon as they enjoy cute moments in the wild.

5 Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire – A New Scope

Star Wars fans will enjoy this alternate look at the events that transpire between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi. You play as Dash Rendar – a grizzled space jockey in the vein of Han Solo who is working for the Rebellion. The story weaves new tales into the familiar contexts of the movies and enriches the universe.

While Dash is a bit bland and the controls can be the source of a fall or two, this game delivers on the Star Wars atmosphere and satisfying combat moments. Luckily, aiming isn't of the highest importance as simply firing in the direction of your foes will cause your character to auto-aim toward them. This mechanic, while unusual, definitely helps make the title accessible to all gamers.

4 Goldeneye 007 – A Bond Adventure

Bond buff or not, most gamers have seen, or played their fair share of Goldeneye 007. Decades after its release, people still enjoy this classic FPS for the simple reason that it offers good old-fashioned fun with solid gunplay and intricate maps. Of course, the visuals leave something to be desired as fans of modern FPS games will need a moment to adapt.

The multiplayer mode should give you and your dad hours of entertainment as you explore the different locales and take turns blasting away with snipers and pistols. Whether your dad is new to the game or has logged several hours, be sure to let him know that picking Oddjob is still a mean thing to do.

3 Star Fox 64 – A Father/Son Story

The Star Fox series has endeared fans for decades with its healthy mix of absurd humor and serious undertones that combine to make for an emotionally charged story. The gameplay will have dad avoiding lasers and blasting enemies as this on-the-rails adventure takes you through the diverse worlds of the Lylat System.

Underneath its action-packed exterior lies an emotional revenge tale as Star Fox liberates the galaxy en route to take revenge on Andross, who killed Fox's father. While the buildup to this moment feels a bit brief, the story still offers an unexpected and impactful climax to this wild ride.

2 Army Men: Sarge's Heroes – The War At Home

If you're tired of watching Saving Private Ryan on repeat, then Sarge's Heroes will give you a much-needed reprieve from Tom Hanks and his platoon, while still scratching your dad's World War itch. Sarge's Heroes is a heart-pumping action shooter for all players, even if their reflexes aren't what they used to be.

The enemy AI is usually kind enough to stare at you for a moment before firing at you; something many dads will be grateful for if they don't have a lightning-fast trigger finger. On top of being hysterical to watch, this also gives you a chance to coach your dad through the controls as he fumbles to fire back – a funny experience that makes playing this game a joy on its own.

1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time – Explore Like It's 1999

Ocarina of Time is one of the best games of all time and a must-play for anyone who wants to share the joy of games with their dad. The Video Game Hall of Fame Inductee is still making waves today as Ocarina of Time birthed a generation of Zelda fans who are still die-hard fans to this day if the hype for Breath of The Wild 2 is anything to go by.

While this is a single-player journey, few games have the power to bring people together to explore the magic and mysteries of an unknown world quite like Ocarina of Time. From your first Ocarina song to the dramatic climax, you'll be on an unforgettable ride. Remember to let your dad take the reins if he's enjoying the game because once you're in, this one is hard to put down.

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