The 11 Best Weapons In Fire Emblem Engage, Ranked

Fire Emblem Engage removed the weapon durability system from the previous games and allowed weapons to be used without breaking. This gives you a ton of options to play with when you’re deciding what equipment to take with you into battle.

We won’t cover the Emblem weapons in this list, which are the ones you can only use while Engaged with an Emblem Ring. Aside from them, there are plenty of other excellent options for your units, including the special personal weapons for Alear.

11 Georgios

Georgios is one of the legendary weapons in Engage and it’s a blade-type sword. These a recurring weapons in the series that haven’t been around for a while. They typically hit harder than the normal swords, but have less accuracy. In Engage, they’ve been reworked to include a new mechanic called Smash.

This is tied to heavy weapons, with lower accuracy, which can’t make follow-up attacks. Because of these limitations, they can push units back one space when you initiate combat and hit them. The trade-off is that the enemy will hit you first before you attack.

10 Longbow

You’ll know and love the Longbow from previous games, and you’ll appreciate its return in Engage. Longbows have three range innately, letting your archers shoot significantly further away.

This is especially useful if you’re trying to create chokepoints for the enemies and you can have your archers chip away at them out of range of any counterattack they might want to use on you. The extra range is always welcome, but it comes at the cost of accuracy and speed.

9 Armorslayer

Unless you’ve got mages to spare, dealing with several armed units at once can be a tricky situation to handle. The Armorslayer sword is perfect for this occasion because it lets your sword users deal double damage to them.

Having one on Alear and your sword users of choice will help diversify how much your team can do and tackle at once. They have a heavyweight, but the damage they can deal to armored units is worth the risk if you need them dead fast.

8 Ridersbane

Extra effective weapons are always helpful, and the Ridersbane is perfect for dealing with any mounted units you come across. In the right hands, it’ll be devastating and make short work of even Paladins.

Having one of your mounted or armored units with this spear will be perfect for chipping away at them. Generals can have enemies bounce off them and then smack them with this for massive damage, which is always a good strategy to take advantage of in Fire Emblem.

7 Ukonvasara

One of the legendary axes you'll find in the game, the Ukonvasara is another Smash weapon and it has a staggering 34 might and 24 weight. Since it's a Smash weapon, it will be a huge risk and reward tradeoff when you choose to use it. It will obliterate anyone it hits, but it's so slow that you will almost certainly get doubled by whoever you attack with it.

Bear in mind that the enemy will also strike first when you attack, so make sure you can survive to even get the hit off. Fun fact: this axe was introduced in Three Houses as one of the Sacred Weapons of the Church of Seiros.

6 Thoron

Thoron is the strongest lightning magic you'll find in Engage. It's not the strongest spell, but it can let you zap enemies from three spaces away for delicious damage.

You’ll recognize this tome if you played Fire Emblem Awakening as it was one of Robin's most powerful tomes, and it's just as strong, if not stronger, here in Engage. It doesn't allow for follow-up attacks, which seems fair considering its strength.

5 Brave Bow

The Brave weapon tree is always one of the better ones in Fire Emblem. They have the innate that lets the user attack twice no matter what their speed is. The follow-up attack also happens before your enemy can act, which is one of the more broken systems in Fire Emblem games.

As you can imagine putting this on one of your archer units will be endlessly helpful. Not only does it mean they can hit twice every time they start combat, but they’ll most likely do enough damage to defeat them in those two hits, depending on what you’re aiming at.

4 Brionac

Brionac is one of the legendary lances in Engage, which you'll get towards the end of the game. It is extremely similar to Gradivus, another signature lance in the series that is missing this time around.

The best thing about Brionac is that it lets your unit attack from one and two spaces away, letting you strike enemies further away from safety. Not to mention, it has an incredibly high might stat at 17, but it also has 17 weight, making it heavy and hard to double-hit with.

3 Caladbolg

This is another one of the legendary weapons found in Engage, and it can only be used with units who have a sword proficiency at S rank. The Caladbolg is incredibly powerful, and you’ll want to have it on whoever your best sword user is other than Alear.

Some top contenders for this sword are Diamant, Kagetsu, or Lapis. But, you should give it to whoever you think deserves a legendary weapon. It’s a bit heavier than most normal swords, which makes it as heavy as Blade-types, but you can refine and engrave the Caladbolg to mess with these stats.

2 Libèration

This is Alear’s signature weapon and will be glued to their side as long as they’re using a sword. Personal weapons in Fire Emblem haven’t consistently been that good, but Libèration is an exception to the rule.

Upgrading it will increase its avoidance stat, and Engraving it with an Emblem for more attack and avoidance will make Alear a fairly reliable Avoid Tank. Libèration also does incredibly decent damage and barely weighs anything, so they’ll be able to double-hit most of the time.

1 Willie Glanz

This sword is the ultimate weapon for Alear. It’s only usable by them and it is one of the only usable swords in the game that attacks near and far with one to two range. Yes, it does have a stupid name.

You get this sword near the end of the game and it’ll replace Libèration in most cases. It doesn’t look as cool as Libèration, but it packs one heck of a punch at this stage in your journey. It’s easily the best sword in the game for Alear.

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