The Biggest Gaming News For January 18, 2023

It's been yet another busy day in the gaming industry, full of announcements, apologies, and questionable decisions surrounding Waluigi. Just another normal day really. At the very least, we finally got a release date the PC port of Returnal.

Elsewhere, Wizards of the Coast has apologised for the controversy surrounding proposed changes to D&D's OGL, while a new season of Sonic Prime has been announced for later this year. For all the details, just keep scrolling.

Returnal Comes To PC February 15

For what feels like years, we've had rumors that Returnal is headed to PC at some point. It was confirmed by PlayStation at The Game Awards last year, but now we finally have a release date to mark on our calendars. Players on PC will be able to experience Selene's fight on the planet of Atropos on February 13 later this year. Better yet, PlayStation also shared what graphical settings will be available for you to get the most out of your time with the game.

Wizards Of The Coast Apologizes For Controversial D&D OGL Changes

Wizards of the Coast has been attempting to navigate controversy over the past week surrounding changes to Dungeons & Dragons' open game license. It recently walked back those changes and has now formally apologised for the situation. D&D executive producer Kyle Brink explained the company "got it wrong" and will allow fans to provide feedback on a new draft that is set to be shared on January 20.

Sonic Prime Season 2 Is Coming Later This Year

Netflix is a rather unpredictable company when it comes to axing shows, so the possibility of a second season of Sonic Prime was up in the air despite the open-ended nature of the first. Fortunately for Sonic fans, it seems a new season has been greenlit and is expected to drop at some point later this year. We don't know what it will entail, but a picture shared alongside the announcement hints at Shadow having a larger role to play.

Lara Croft's Mansion Comes To Powerwash Simulator January 31

As the industry's largest gathering of PowerWash Simulator fanatics, it would be remiss of me not to include it's arrival on PlayStation and Switch on January 31 in the roundup. Better yet, we're also getting a free DLC expansion at the same time that will let players clean Croft Manor from top to bottom, presumably since Lara herself is out beating up bad guys and averting planet destroying catastrophes.

Walupeach Was Rejected By Shigeru Miyamoto Before He Even Saw Any Designs

A fun one to end things, as an interview from 2008 has resurfaced and revealed that Shigeru Miyamoto apparently shot down ideas for a character called Walupeach even before seeing any designs that a team had already drawn up. Miyamoto's reasoning was because he was convinced the character would look too much like Doronjo, an anime villain from Yatterman. Considering the idea hasn't been brought up since, that prediction was probably spot on.

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