The Boys Community Descends Into Chaos Over "Politics"

The community which has built up around The Boys recently descended into chaos over “politics.” People have been taking to social media platforms like Twitter and especially Reddit to express their frustration over some of the satire in the latest season of the show.

Based on the eponymous comic book, The Boys follows a team of vigilantes who fight back against superheroes who abuse their abilities. The first season premiered on July 26, 2019 and the most recent third season was released on June 3, 2022. The show has received widespread critical acclaim for its writing and the performances of Karl Urban who plays Billy Butcher as well as Antony Starr who plays Homelander.

The news comes from the journalist Ryan Broderick who noted on Twitter how “The Boys subreddit is chaos right now. Threads getting locked, users rage deleting whole accounts. It’s amazing. Right wing users are whining about ‘no politics,’ but it’s impossible to talk about the show without them now. Fans who thought Homelander was cool are in a meltdown.”

The contention has largely focused on the character Homelander. “The Boys perfectly display what the dictator trap is, “ the user going by SearchingForTruth12 for example pointed out. “Homelander takes power, removes all the people who know how to do their jobs because they aren’t trustworthy team players, puts his goons in those positions, refuses to hear criticism or bad news, and becomes increasingly paranoid and unstable.” Moderators quickly responded by locking the thread, noting that “we get it, The Boys is a political show, we understand that there will be times where there will be strong connections between the current political climate and the show. But you need to stay on topic when regarding the show.”

According to Broderick, “it’s worth pointing out that even as right wing and transgressive as the comic was, it’s very clear Homelander is a deranged fascist.” The journalist went on to explain how “there seems to have been a lot of fans of the show who thought he was just a cool guy.”

The problem appears to be that many fans of the show have misunderstood the satire. “People are asking how Redditors could sympathize with Homelander when the character is so clearly the bad guy,” Broderick said. “They know he’s the bad guy. They want the bad guy to be revealed to just be misunderstood and then redeemed so they don’t get uncomfortable.” Broderick added that some viewers “want Billy Butcher and Homelander to high five, agree to disagree, and then go fight the Real Bad Guy. They want a tragic Homelander’s backstory so they don’t have to reflect on why they were so drawn to the character in the first place.”

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