The Callisto Protocol: How To Find All Gun Schematics

There is a lot of combat in The Callisto Protocol, as you have to face a litany of monsters throughout the adventure. You start with nothing to defend yourself, but you quickly gain several weapons while making your way through the prison.

Yet, the likes of the Stun Baton, Hand Cannon, and Riot Gun aren't the only deadly tools you can acquire. There are also a few schematics in the game that you can put in the reforge to make new weapons. You can get some decent firearms this way, so it's worth seeking out the schematics. This is where to find them.

Skunk Gun Schematic Location (Chapter 3)

The first schematic you can find is for the Skunk Gun, and it's located in the Aftermath chapter.

Partway through this chapter, there is a scene where you stand atop an elevator, and Elias tries to drop it slowly. Immediately after the lift crashes to the floor, you enter the area where the Skunk Gun Schematic is hiding.

Once you walk forward, you may notice a box to your right that is missing a fuse. You need to provide it with one to reach the area with the schematic. So, head left and follow the natural path around while taking out any enemies in your way.

You can use the GRP to throw enemies into the several hazards in the room to kill them quickly.

When everyone is dead, go to the locked workshop in the corner. On the floor in front of the door is a gate fuse. Pick it up and return it to the fuse box from earlier.

This action gives you access to the little room on your right. Inside is a vent, and you must crawl through it.

Once you're on the other side, turn left to find the schematic on a workbench.

Tactical Pistol Schematic Location (Chapter 6)

During the Below chapter, you get introduced to the dangerous blind enemies. The game makes it abundantly clear how to deal with them by having the words "don't make a sound" written on a cracked wall.

When you see this message, you know that you're in the area where the Tactical Pistol Schematic is waiting. From there, quietly head left and take the next right.

This puts you in an area covered in spikes that contains a bunch of foes. Go up the stairs on the other side of the room and head right. Vault over the metal beam and continue through the gap – some enemies will attack you here.

From there, move into the room on the right. There are multiple supplies in here, but you want the schematic on the table.

Assault Rifle Schematic Location (Chapter 7)

The schematic for the Assault Rifle is located near the beginning of the Colony chapter. To be more specific, it's in the little shanty town where you encounter the first enemies of chapter seven.

You can find a ladder on the right side of the area that takes you to Midtown.

Once you're up there, head through the general store, and when you exit, turn left.

In front of you will be a bathroom. Go inside and pick up the schematic above the sink.

Watch out, as enemies will immediately attack you for doing so. But you will have the last laugh, as you'll have found the last schematic.

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