The Callisto Protocol Is Coming December 2

The first gameplay trailer for The Callisto Protocol has been revealed at PlayStation's State of Play as well as a release date of December 2.

We've been waiting some time for gameplay of The Callisto Protocol and PlayStation's June State of Play has delivered. This first look at the game shows off its clear Dead Space inspiration and gives us a good look at some of the horrors that we'll face in the game.

The trailer begins by giving us a look at how unforgiving Callisto is, before showing the game's main character, Jacob Lee, walking through what looks to be some kind of prison, with the uniform and guard tower implying that he's here against his will. Several scenes from the trailer also show large robots patrolling outside of jail cells.

The Dead Space inspiration is made very clear from the gameplay shown off here. The monsters all seem much more powerful than Jacob, who is seen armed with a slow-firing pistol and some kind of electric machete. Even with those weapons, it's clear that the player can be overwhelmed very quickly.

There does seem to be a bit more interaction with the environment here, however, as Jacob is seen climbing a chain at one point in the trailer, as well as shimmying through tight hallways and crawling in the sewers. We also get to see footage of the protagonist in a space suit outside of the prison area, hinting that the planet of Callisto will be explorable on the outside.

The biggest surprise to come from the trailer is the release date of December 2. Striking Distance Studios has previously claimed that The Callisto Protocol would be launching in 2022, but with no gameplay shown until now, it wasn't clear if that was still the case.

One of the most notable things about The Callisto Protocol is that it was once meant to be a part of the PUBG universe, something that the game's director has clarified is no longer the case.

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