The Chant Is A Third-Person Action Horror Game About Battling Eldritch Terrors At A Spiritual Retreat

The Chant is a third-person action horror game that takes place in a spiritual retreat on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. It’s here where your character accidentally awakens the psychedelic terrors of another dimension. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

So what exactly is lurking beyond the skin of our world? According to the pre-alpha footage, it’s mostly big frogs and plants that want to eat you. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks a little bit like The Medium, but with combat and a free camera.

During the presentation, there was a moment where the creative director said, “The main character is dealing with some past trauma, like every other character… that she meets at the retreat.” There is a lot of past trauma going around in video game protagonists these days, isn’t there?

The developer seems keen to make sure people don’t mistake this for a survival horror game, positioning it as a more action-focused horror experience. Instead of using guns and knives, though, you craft occult weapons which then act the same as guns and knives would, allowing you to fight in close quarters or at range. You’ll have to switch up your tactics to battle both supernatural and physical enemies.

Much like how Dead Space created in-universe language for things that are usually HUD elements, The Chant is aiming to use a diegetic UI to pull you in, letting you see the world how your character perceives it.

Brass Token – a studio made up of former developers from Rockstar Games, The Coalition, and EA – is also taking advantage of performance capture and body scanning to help sell the story through convincing acting.

You’ll be able to escape the horrific ground of The Chant’s new age cult when it releases for console and PC in Q2 2022.

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