The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope – How To Get All The Endings

The Dark Pictures Anthology series was never one for the usual formula of “good,” “bad,” and “true” endings. Instead, the developers preferred to present the players with a world of possibilities, which in Little Hope’s case are five potential endings achieved through different factors.

These factors are whether the main characters survive the series of QTEs, whether they deal with their demons, whether Andrew still has bullets in his gun (that is, if you decide to take the gun), whether Mary is saved, and whether or not players were kind to Vince throughout the game.

To Kill Or Not To Kill

For the most part, saving the characters in The Dark Anthology: Little Hope is an all-or-nothing situation. Regardless of the body count at the end of the game, having just one death already breaks the game off to a certain branch of endings. Therefore, there are two different branches determined by whether all the characters live, and if one of them dies.

Each character must unlock positive traits and avoid locking flaws that could lead to their ultimate downfall. In unlocking these positive traits, these characters will be redeemed of their past and thus, save them from the same tragic fate their past selves were subjected to. You will know whether or not you truly managed to save the leads if two achievements instead of one are received at the pivotal point for each character.


Everyone loves a strong independent woman and that’s exactly what Taylor needs to be to survive. While Taylor’s own personal demon (Tabitha) nearly strangles her in the “Ruined” chapter, players can choose whether Taylor screams for Daniel’s help or has him leave her. With confronting one’s demons to grow and survive being the theme of this game, Taylor actually has to tell Daniel to leave her.


Similarly in the “Ruined” chapter, Daniel eventually falls through the floors of the old abandoned factory. Here, players must successfully execute QTEs in Daniel’s solo head-to-head battle against David, his own 1970’s manifested monster. But to save him from the potential massacre at the end, Daniel must sacrifice himself by telling the group to leave without him.


Interestingly enough, Angela is the only character that doesn’t require facing her own demons alone. In the “Heavy Burden” chapter after John faces his own rubble-riddled demon, Angela has the option to either leave or wait for him. In this scene, there’s only one correct option which is to wait for him. If Angela were to leave him, she’d eventually be taken by her own monster regardless of whether or not players successfully execute the QTEs.


In the “Full Circle” chapter, you can give John the “Heroic” trait he needs to survive the house of death at the end. Similar to Daniel’s valiant efforts to put the group before himself, John needs to tell the group to leave him behind. This saves him the self-absorbed traits he was cursed with during his past life as James Clarke.

Leftover Ammo

As much as characters are an all-or-nothing situation, the only time the death count matters is when everyone but Andrew dies, presuming that players took the gun at the beginning of the story.

Paralleling the start of the game’s intro in which Anthony (Andrew’s 1970s alter-self) watches his entire family die and fails to kill himself in the fire afterward. In reliving this nightmare, if Andrew is left alone and players kept the gun with at least one bullet left, Andrew will be compelled to commit suicide in an attempt to do what he couldn’t do in the past. However, whether or not he actually shoots himself depends on whether or not Mary is saved.


Scapegoat for Reverend Carter’s devilish deeds back during the witch trials, Mary is just minutes away from being burned as the true witch of Little Hope before Andrew returns to that timeline to talk some sense into his 1699’s alter-ego, Abraham Alastor.

Death of Mary

Leaving Mary to fall victim to the witch trials (and Reverend Carter’s ploy) brings some serious consequences. To trigger this bad ending, players must choose the “Trouble: There’s something wrong in this town” dialogue option and then the “Callous” option after to secure Mary’s deadly fate.

If players do this, players will see and hear Mary’s scream whilst Andrew shoots himself in the head if all the other characters are dead.

Saving Mary

While going through the Museum of Witchcraft as Andrew, players can find a bible (presumably once owned by Reverend Carter) with demonic markings etched on the inside. This gives Andrew the chance to convince Abraham of Reverend Carter’s deal with the devil. During this time in the final chapter, pick the “Enraged: Carter is evil” option and then choose “Insistent” to get the town to incriminate Carver instead of Mary.

As a kind of “thank you” for saving her during the final trial of the game, Mary’s spirit returns to the present during Andrew’s darkest time, and like a guardian angel, saves him from shooting himself.


This game revolves around guilt burning inside Andrew since the ’70s and his need for forgiveness, both from Vince and himself. However, all that depends on whether or not players proved to Vince that Andrew was an honestly good character worth forgiving.

Being kind to Vince requires players to:

  • Refuse Vince’s offer for a drink
  • Not shooting at the demon behind him
  • Overall kinder and more respectful dialogue options

Doing otherwise leads to the sad ending of Vince holding his grudge against Andrew and also calling the police on him. However, displaying this kindness rewards the players with a happy ending.

Happy Ending

To get the happiest ending, players must do everything right. Not only do they need to save all the characters, but they also need to save Mary and be kind to Vince. Doing all of this leads to Vince forgiving Andrew, and directing him to a diner where he can phone himself a way back home. Here, Andrew is also able to forgive himself and apologizes to all the other characters who turn out to be figments of his imagination, i.e. embodiments of his guilt.

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