The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – Incinerator Scene Walkthrough

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  • Exploring The Locked Room
  • Charlie’s First Possible Death – Force Door Or Lift Grate

A few scenes back in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, you watched director Charlie Lonnit fall through a trap floor while exploring the hotel with his crew, but the scene cut right after he did. With the group pretty thoroughly separated and all fighting for their lives against a killer, take control of Charlie as he wanders into his biggest challenge so far.

You’ve already been deciding the fates of your cast members so far throughout this game, so we’re here to walk you through the next possible character death in the Incinerator scene.

Like the other games from The Dark Pictures Anthology, the decisions you make and clues you find directly impact the outcome of your gameplay.

We may miss a few tiny things along the way, but we’ve played The Devil in Me a few times through to bring you the most thorough guides we can.

Exploring The Locked Room

When Charlie wakes up in the locked basement room, you’ll have a handful of secrets to find in the initial area before making your way to the life-and-death decision.

When you regain control, on your left is the key to the gate in this room, so grab it in order to carry on.

Before you get too far, though, in the next room, examine the photos on the table to discover Photos of Victims. On the counters just behind that is another secret, the Foreman’s Log.

After you find these things, go into the room with the monitor with a red light and flip the switch on the wall beside it to open the nearby door.

There’s another door in this room with a doll tied to it. Flip the switch on the wall across from you to open another door and proceed into this room. Flip the switch on the wall in here to continue.

Ahead, shimmy through the gap between a wall and a box, then hop over some debris to find a locked desk on the right with an obol inside. Charlie can use his business card to get the drawer open.

Flipping the switch in this room kills the power to the area, and Charlie hears someone screaming. Retrace your footsteps back the way you came toward the beginning of this area.

Charlie’s First Possible Death – Force Door Or Lift Grate

Once the power is out, there’s an open door on the left that leads to a room with debris all over the ground. Enter the room and investigate the cigarettes on the ground by the toolbox.

There’s a brief cutscene of Jamie, Kate, and Mark finding a screen to watch Charlie, but you don’t take control of them before going back to Charlie.

Back in the furnace, gas is being pumped into the room as a mannequin holding Charlie’s lighter emerges from the floor. The spark sets the gas in the room ablaze.

Once the fire starts, Charlie is made to decide between two possible solutions to avoid being burned alive: he can try to force the door or opt to lift the grate in the floor instead. Your decisions here are the difference between life and death for Charlie.

No matter which you choose, you'll have to choose twice. The potential outcomes of this event are listed in the table below.

If you located the Burnt picture premonition back in the Cigarettes scene, then you’ve already seen one of Charlie's potential fates here.

If Charlie chooses to…Then…
Lift the grate twiceCharlie hides in the floor and survives the furnace.
Force the door twiceCharlie gets his arm stuck outside, and the flames consume him as he has his arm through the window, killing him in the furnace.
Do one choice followed by the other/Do nothingCharlie doesn't have enough time to effectively try for either option, and the flames consume him, killing him in the furnace.

The scene ends once you've made your decision.

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