The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – Island Scene Walkthrough

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You and the crew members of Lonnit Entertainment have just met Granthem Du’Met at this point in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me. You’ve been brought to the docks by his driver, and now, Du'Met has arrived with the ferry to take you out to his island himself.

Before the team goes up to the Murder Castle, though, Kate and Jamie defy instruction and take a peek around the island beforehand while everyone else is distracted. Follow along with our guide to breeze through this scene from The Devil in Me.


After a brief glance of The Groundskeeper, the ferry docks on the hotel’s island. Du’Met informs the crew they’re far from help if anything happens but urges them not to worry.

When Du’Met offers to have the bags brought to the house, Kate can choose between an annoyed response about her outfit, or playfully razzing Charlie. You see the security of the hotel is both tight and violent, and the team takes off after a conversation about how odd that seems.

When Charlie sets up for filming some shots, Du’Met insists he isn’t photographed at all during this shoot. The film gets their first footage of the shoot, but Du’Met cuts them off and urges them to get going toward the hotel.

In defiance of Du’Met’s strictness, Charlie asks Kate to do some recon after faking an injury. He urges the rest of the group ahead to buy her some time, and leaves Jamie with Kate.

Exploring With Kate And Jamie

The women begin their journey on a straightforward path, at the curve in which is your very first secret from the game: a broken stiletto shoe.

We have a full guide for where to find all the secrets in The Devil in Me, so check it out to ensure you’re finding all the backstories.

There are a few things to check out in the area, but keep climbing upwards along the path for now. Kate and Jamie jump across dilapidated buildings and balance along a fallen log to navigate the area, with Kate entering a decaying cabin to find another secret and the next picture hint, eventually finding a cable car station.

After climbing the rocks and reaching a more open area, Kate and Jamie must hide behind a fence to avoid detection from their passing friends.

After this, keep climbing upwards as Kate, and you’ll find a cabin by the next level of the cable car station. Navigate around back to check out inside for both your next picture clue and another secret, then return to the cable car.

The Cable Car

The women cross over the top of the cable car to continue adventuring up and across the path. Kate comes to a disused fuse box, which thankfully has instructions right to the side.

Kate needs to turn the power back on before the women can use it. To do this, turn directly around from the fuse box and climb the ladder to the right of the decaying building you see. Hop back to the solid ground past it and drop into the open area behind the fence to find the power switch, then use the gated door to get back.

You then take control of Jamie, who will approach the fuse box to solve this first puzzle.

The instructions can be a bit confusing, so we’ve filled out the table below in the shape of the fuse box puzzle, and have marked the order in which you should flip the switches like this.


Once you’re finished with this puzzle, the cable car begins to work once again.

Rejoining The Group

After the cable car works again, you regain control of Kate and help Jamie hop back over the car once again. The women immediately hear a noise and must hide among the rocks from the approaching Groundskeeper nearby.

Going into the small inlet by where he vanished allows Kate to find several crates full of hazardous materials, and the third clue is buried in the leaves by where Kate and Jamie scale the wall. Find it, and then do so to reconvene with the group.

As you make your way toward the hotel again, Jamie teases Mark about his fear of heights, a phobia that follows him throughout the game. As Kate, you can choose to be either cheery in the face of his fear, or empathetic to it. Then, she can be either impatient that Mark is taking so long or concerned for his well-being.

The time to decide how you’ll be playing Kate and Mark is now, as there’s a trophy for rekindling Kate and Mark’s relationship. If you're trying for that trophy, it's best to have the pair always choose kind options when speaking with one another, such as but not limited to in this instance.

Settling In

When the group arrives to the hotel, as they’re admiring it, Kate notices a little girl looking out the window at them. When she points her out to Jamie, though, the girl has vanished.

The crew goes inside and signs in at the check-in desk for posterity, and Jamie notices that they don’t have all their belongings yet. Du’Met tells everyone that dinner will be at 8 pm and sends them up to their rooms to get comfortable beforehand.

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