The Division 2 Tidal Basin Early Patch Notes: Key updates confirmed ahead of Maintenance

Patch Notes Preview – Fixes and Changes

These are only preliminary highlights of changes coming to the game today – stay tuned for the full list of official patch notes in a few hours time.

Announced Bug Fixes

  • When your Crafting Station is stuck on a lower World Tier, that will be fixed with this update.

Balancing Changes

  • The Sniper M700 and the Rifle MK17 will get a damage reduction.

  • Crit Damage and Headshot Damage will be lowered across all existing gear, so if you have equipment with these stats on it, they will be different when you log in.

  • “Safeguard Talent” (extra healing) will get an internal cooldown so that it can’t be up all the time

  • Demolitionist Talent “Crisis Response” (when armor breaks you replenish your ammo) will also get an internal cooldown.

Skills Changes

  • Sniper Turret

    • Sniper Turret has been reworked

    • You will have a button above an enemy and the Turret will then shoot that NPC and it will automatically track it.

    • When you aim at the same NPC you can also specifically control where the shot will go (headshot or weakpoint etc)

    • That should make the Sniper Turret more accessible.

  • Chem Launcher

    • The handling of the Chem Launcher has been a bit awkward.

    • Now when you activate the Chem Launcher, it will activate and you can use it like a weapon until you put it away.

    • That should also give you more control about the skill

    • Firefly