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With the launch of a new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, more unique content was added to the game. The latest High Isle DLC takes you to the land of Systres Archipelago, where you will experience a brand new story arc.

You will participate in the journey by creating your RPG character, which you will level up as you progress further in your adventure. Naturally, many players will be looking for an easy way to improve their character's stats as soon as possible, which is why this guide will cover the locations of all Skyshards that you can find on the new map.

What Are Skyshards?

Skyshards are light-blue crystals that are located all around the map. These are your best bet at gaining the most Skill Points that you can get to use on your character.

The game requires you to grow your character for the challenges you will face during the dungeon runs. You will need to upgrade every weapon in your possession and the armor you're wearing before you can take on the higher-level dungeons. To do so, you can collect 18 Skyshards scattered around the map in caves, dungeons, and other areas. Most Skyshards are on the island to the south of the map.

Before you continue, it's worth mentioning that you need to progress through the main story quests to unlock some areas. Also, other areas like Public Dungeons will require you to join a party with friends before you can collect the Skyshards in these dungeons.

Below is the map of the two islands with the locations of all 18 Skyshards marked on it.

Skyshard Locations

Skyshard NumberLocation
Skyshard #1Across the Firepot Delve cave and northwest of the Coral Road Wayshrine is a river. The first Skyshards is on top of the river.
Skyshard #2You will find it north of Gonfalin Bay, where the bridge crosses over the Loch Abhain river.
Skyshard #3On the southern coast of High Isle and southwest of Coral Road Wayshrine, you will find a beach with the Skyshard near the bridge.
Skyshard #4Found hidden in the rocks above Jheury's Cove.
Skyshard #5Near the Mistmouth Cave at the northern beach of the main island. Go towards the west of the big pointed rock to find the Skyshard.
Skyshard #6Head to the northern wall of the All Flags Castle to find the Skyshard. The castle is on a small island in the middle of the main island.
Skyshard #7Found southwest of the Dufort Shipyards Wayshrine where the Volcanic Vent is. The Skyshard is on top of the big rocks before the Volcanic Vent.
Skyshard #8You will find the following Skyshard east of the Amenos Station Wayshrine on the northern island, as shown on the map. The Skyshard will be on a rock to the side of the river canyon.
Skyshard #9Head to the east side of the northern island and southwest of Flooded Coast Wayshrine. It is on the shore of the coast.
Skyshard #10The Skyshard is on the coast of Skulltooth, where a bay of wrecked ships is.
Skyshard #11Go to the south side of the Ghost Haven Bay public dungeon and follow the path inside. Head towards the east side when inside and enter the Collapsed Cavern. Follow the route towards the Skyshard shown on the map.
Skyshard #12Make your way towards the hedge maze in Spire of the Crimson Coin public dungeon. You will need to interact with the boat near a shore to travel to the location. Reach to the center of the maze and make sure to not step on the red glowing circles on the ground. These will explode as soon as you step on them.
Skyshard #13Head inside the Breakwater Cave on the southern side of the main island. You will find the Skyshard inside on top of a ledge on the back side of the Breakwater Cave.
Skyshard #14The Skyshard is inside the Death's Valor Keep delve, guarded by a zombie. Kill the zombie to get the Skyshard.
Skyshard #15Enter the Firepot Delve and head towards the west side. Skyshard is on the end of a bridge inside the delve.
Skyshard #16Travel to the Shipwreck Shoals delve using the boat on the northeastern shore of the main island. It is on the end of a long winding path.
Skyshard #17Inside the Coral Cliffs delve, look for a blue tree on the northwestern side of the cave. The Skyshards is by the blue tree.
Skyshard #18On the southwest side of the Whalefall delve is a rocky ridge above the main path. You will find the Skyshard on that cliff.

Collecting all 18 Skyshards will unlock the High Isle Skyshard Hunter achievement.

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