The Elder Scrolls Online: How To Find And Complete Every Volcanic Vent In High Isle

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Each new chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online brings something completely new to the table. Past chapters have introduced completely new mechanics, such as companions and even a few new classes. High Isle includes lots of additions with items such as a new trial, a large zone, dozens of unique missions each with their own stories, and a new world event called Volcanic Vents.

Volcanic Vents are similar to Dolmens in that they're a world event where many players can come together to tackle a common challenge. There are lots of Volcanic Vents to encounter throughout your adventures in High Isle, so it's sure to be an event you'll remember fondly for years to come. But before you come face to face with this grand challenge, you need to know exactly what's waiting for you at this world event.

How To Complete Volcanic Vents

Volcanic Vents are equivalent to Dolmens, but they're exclusive to High Isle. You can encounter seven Volcanic Vents in total, and although they're each somewhat different, they share the same overall gameplay.

Volcanic Vents are group events in theory, but you don't need multiple players to complete them if you have a powerful build.

When you encounter a Volcanic Vent, you'll find a plethora of fire-based enemies waiting for you. The enemies include the likes of Flame Atronachs and Imps, along with other Daedric entities that can use flame magic. Upon defeating many of these enemies, you'll encounter a more powerful boss, such as a Fire Behemoth, which has over two million health.

Increasing your flame resistance before attempting to challenge a Volcanic Vent is advisable, especially if you're taking on the challenge alone.

The Volcanic Vent boss is quite difficult to defeat as a solo player due to its large health pool and powerful attacks, but it's possible with a build that's set-up with strong sets and self-healing abilities. Defeat the final boss, and you'll earn a supply of loot from a Volcanic Cache, which will spawn nearby. Keep reading to find out exactly what you can earn from Volcanic Vents.

What Do You Earn From Volcanic Vents?

Volcanic Vents can drop precious crafting materials, such as Citrine and Malachite Shards. In addition to crafting materials, you also gain a piece of jewelry of a random quality from one of the overland sets in High Isle. These sets include the Blessing Of High Isle, Steadfast's Mettle, and the Systres' Scowl. You may also gain a few pieces of leveled gear that don't belong to any item set, which you can sell to a merchant for a small profit.

Every Volcanic Vent Location

There are seven Volcanic Vents to discover across the zone of High Isle. The layout of each vent varies depending on the landscape, but the animations and effects at each one are primarily the same. Below you can find multiple maps marking the presence of each Volcanic Vent.

The Volcanic Events have the same map marker as Dolems, a small circle with spikes.

Southwest Of The Dufort Shipyards Wayshrine

Southeast Of Amenos Island

Northeast Of The Garick's Rest Wayshrine

Southeast Of The Flooded Coast Wayshrine

North Of The Castle Navire Wayshrine

Directly South Of The Serpents Hollow Wayshrine

Southwest Of Gonfalon Bay

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