The Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get Every Unlockable In-Game Mount

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Traveling around the map in The Elder Scrolls Online can take a while, especially with how many DLC zones there are in the game. There are abilities and even potions that boost your speed, but an easier way of getting around quickly is by hopping on your mount of choice and riding off into the sunset.

Most mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online are purchasable through the Crown Store, but there are a few that you can earn in-game without paying anything. Some of these mounts require a specific DLC to earn, but most DLCs are available through the ESO Plus subscription. You can find out more about the mounting system and how to buy Crown Store mounts in this guide.

Sorrel Horse

The Sorrel Horse is a basic mount that you'll unlock upon reaching level ten in The Elder Scrolls Online. The mount is free, so it's a great starter horse that can get you from place to place as quickly as any other mount in Tamriel.

Midnight Steed

The Midnight Steed is a horse that you can purchase for 42,700 Gold from any Stablemaster in the main cities of Tamriel. Like other horses, this mount offers no extra benefits except for its beautiful appearance.

Bay Dun Horse

The Bay Dun Horse is the second of three mounts you can buy from a Stablemaster for 42,700 Gold inside most major cities. It's a light brown horse with a basic appearance, although it's different than the starter horse you earn upon reaching level ten due to its color.

Brown Paint Horse

The Brown Paint Horse is the final mount you can buy from the Stablemasters at stables across the towns of Tamriel for 42,700 Gold. It has the most unique appearance of the horses you can unlock in-game due to its combination of white and brown colors. If you're looking for a horse that'll stand out in any landscape, then you can't go wrong with the Brown Paint Horse.

Ebon Dwarven Mount

The Ebon Dwarven Wolf is a unique mount that takes the shape of a wolf made using Dwarven technology. It has a dual color of grey and brown, so it's more colorful than other Dwarven Mounts from the Crown Store. Unlike many of the other mounts you can earn in ESO, there's more than one step to getting the Ebon Dwarven Wolf because it requires you to find and scry multiple leads.

The name and locations of each lead are below, but you only have a chance to earn them through the following methods, the drops aren't guaranteed. You can find a full guide on Scrying and Excavating in this article.

LeadsDrop Location
Dwarven Rib FrameDefeat the boss inside the Klathzgar delve in Bankorai
Cracked Dwarven Gear ShaftsDefeat the boss inside the Avanchnzel delve in The Rift
Dwarven Steam ConduitDefeat the boss inside the Inner Sea Armature and delve in the Alik'r Desert
Weathered Dwarven CogsDefeat the boss inside the Aldunz delve in the Alik'r Desert
Aligned Dwarven PlatesDefeat enemies at Mzulft in Eastmarch
Dwarven Spine CouplingInteract with the Curious Dwarven Rubble at the Song Of Lamae crafting stations in the Alik'r Desert
Ebony Forged Dwarven LimbsDefeat the Zemarek-thul World Boss in Coldharbour
Worn Dwarven GearsDefeat enemies at Bthzark in Stros M'kai
Dwarven BreastguardInside the Earth Forge, which you gain access to during the Fighters Guild Questline
Large Aetherium LensesDefeat the Last Sentinel boss inside the Rhardahrk delve in Craglorn
Aetherquartz Tonal ResonatorDefeat the Brass Hatchling boss inside the Mtharnaz delve in Craglorn
Ebon Dwarven Wolf HeadDefeat the Mzeklok boss in the Rkundzelft delve in Craglorn
Inclined Dwarven PanelingDefeat bosses inside the Nchuthnkarst public dungeon in Blackreach
Slopped Dwarven GuardsDefeat the Razak's Behemoth inside the Razak's Wheel public dungeon in Bankorai
Dwarven HorngripComplete the Darkshade Caverns dungeon in Deshaan
Dwarven Leather Saddle SeatComplete the Volenfell dungeon in the Alik'r Desert
Dwarven Articulated PawsComplete The Darkshade Caverns 2 Dungeon in Deshaan, the second version of Darkshade Caverns

Champion Senche Lion

The Champion Senche Lion is a mount that you can earn for completing multiple achievements in the Sunspire trial. The most difficult challenge you'll face to earn this mount is finishing the trifecta, which requires your group to complete the Hardmode version of Veteran Sunspire within 30 minutes and without any player in your group dying.

Additional achievement titles include Keeping In Sync, Faster Than Lightning, Dragonhound Demolisher, Senche-Raht Slayer, and Strike When The Iron's Hot. You'll earn most if not all of these achievements while progressing through the trifecta since completing it requires many clears of the trial and ample opportunities to meet their requirements.

Sul-Xan Fleshripper

The Sul-Xan Fleshripper is currently the hardest mount to earn in The Elder Scrolls Online. You need to complete many achievements in the Rockgrove trial to get it, but the most difficult is the trial's trifecta, which requires you to complete Veteran Rockgrove's Hardmode difficulty within 30 minutes of entering it and without any group, member dying.

You'll also need achievements such as Havorcrel Slayer, Sul-Xan Slayer, Soul Bombardier, Light Stepper, Turtle Soup, Keep Your Distance, and What Is This Filth to earn the mount, but you'll likely earn these achievements along with the trifecta achievement, which is named Soul Savior.

Event Mounts

Many temporarily earnable mounts come and go from The Elder Scrolls Online each year. Usually, they're related to events such as the Jester's Festival, among others, where you can earn Event Tickets for completing daily quests involving the unique event. Unfortunately, it's unclear if any of the mounts from past events will ever return.

You can currently earn the Aurelic Quasigriff mount by merging the Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet with the Gilded Gryphon Barding, Sacred Seeds Of Alkosh, and the Aurelite Gryphon Feather fragments, all of which are purchasable with Event Tickets in the upcoming two events between now and July 2022.

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