The Elder Scrolls Online Official Twitter Account Asks Players To Send Pictures Of "Unoutfitted" Characters

The official Twitter account for The Elder Scrolls Online recently asked fans of the franchise to send pictures of “unoutfitted and unadorned” characters, provoking a whole bunch of amusement on the part of players in the process. The memes of course followed soon afterwards.

“We know The Elder Scrolls Online family has a soft spot for fashion, but… what do you actually look like under those meticulously crafted outfits? Brave souls, share your unoutfitted and unadorned characters,” the developer behind the game, ZeniMax Studios, said on the social media platform.

“Did you just ask us to… send nudes,” a user on Twitter going by the name of Cynical Alchemist asked. “Well, here you go. And don’t ask why or how I have this on my phone already.” Cynical Alchemist posted a picture featuring a nearly naked character from the game.

Some took the tweet at face value, but others reinterpreted the call for submissions. “While this question comes off as a bit odd, I'm going to mentally reframe it as show us all your tatts," the user going by the name of Spartan Danie for example remarked. “Because it kind of is a shame we have so many beautiful tattoo options, but never any good way to show them off properly.” Several players have in fact posted pictures of their tattooed characters.

This comes in the wake of news that ZeniMax will soon be releasing some downloadable content for The Elder Scrolls Online called Firesong. This will “continue and expand upon the ongoing Legacy of the Bretons saga and provide bonus quests concluding the year-long adventure. This story DLC allows you to explore the island of Galen, dive deep into the culture and histories of Tamriel’s druids, and bring an end to a larger narrative that began back in February with the Ascending Tide dungeon DLC and continued throughout all of 2022.”

Firesong will be released on November 1 for PC, Mac, and Stadia. Players on Xbox and PlayStation will have to wait until November 15 to access the DLC.

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