The Funniest NPCs In Final Fantasy History

The greatest aspects of the Final Fantasy series are character development, character design, world-building, and riveting storytelling. The characters' in-depth backstories carve out a place in fans' hearts, as there is someone for everyone. They vary from stoic soldiers to bumbling jesters or main characters to non-player characters (NPCs). It's the comedic relief that often catches fans' eyes.

The unsung heroes of any game are the NPCs. Without them, there wouldn't be any backstory or motivation for the protagonists. The most memorable NPCs are those that put a smile on your face and make you erupt in laughter. These are the funniest Final Fantasy has to offer.

10 Cid Fabool's An Aloof Regent

Poor Regent Cid Fabool the 9th can't catch a break. Not that he deserves one. When you first meet Cid in Final Fantasy 9, he's a funny-looking little creature called an Oglop. This would be well and fine, except he's supposed to be human. When his wife discovered he had an affair, she had him transformed into the misshapen creature. Even funnier, Cid retained his signature mustache. Eventually, Cid's team concocted a potion that was supposed to reverse the effects of the original, but they only worsened the matter by transforming him into a frog.

9 Chocolina's Appearance Makes You Chuckle

This rare Chocobo/Human hybrid is introduced in Final Fantasy 13, and lives in a character's afro. It isn't until Final Fantasy 13's sequel that she receives a name. In the same game, she has been granted the ability to assume a human form by the goddess Etro.

Chocolina has a lot of energy and often sings the words "Choco-boco-lina" or any other combination of words, prefacing them with "Choco." She might be a little vain, but there's nothing wrong with somebody finding themselves beautiful.

8 Kenny Crow And The Crow's Nest

Kenny Crow is one of two mascots (Kelly Crow being the other) for the Crow's Nest fast food restaurant in Final Fantasy 15. The main character can take a picture with Kenny the mascot when they encounter him in the game, but his real comedic relief comes from Kenny's role as a boss. In the boss fight, Kenny dual-wields fish as a reference to the Crow's Nest menu items "Kenny's Salmon" and "Kenny's 'Special' Salmon."

7 Director Palmer Is A Bumbling Stooge

There's no question why Shinra's space program didn't work out when you learn that the head of the program was a childish, incompetent man. Of course, there are two iterations of Director Palmer since the release of the Final Fantasy 7 remake. The remake updates and slightly alters Palmer's personality, Overall, Palmer is the embodiment of gluttony as seen by his appearance and sweet tooth, loading his cup of tea with equal amounts of sugar. In the Final Fantasy 7 remake, he's portrayed as irresponsible with his sadistic nature more visible.

6 Scotch And Kotch Are The Kings Of Pun

Scotch and Kotch were already a hilarious pair in the original Final Fantasy 7, but they're more ridiculous in the remake. They're announcers for the Corneo Coliseum, working the crowd with all the theatrics and charm you'd expect. They also finish each other's sentences.

When the duo introduce Cloud and Aerith into the Corneo Coliseum, Scotch introduces them as a young couple, to which Kotch labels fighting in an arena a bad date. When he hears it's their first tournament, Kotch corrects himself with, "A bad first date." Scotch and Kotch are the kings of pun during the Hell House match, too. The number of house puns such as "This house is built to last" knows no end.

5 Ultros Is Menacingly Pointless

Final Fantasy boss fights are usually significant moments with high stakes that conclude one story point or another. Ultros takes everything a boss fight is supposed to be and throws it in the trash. Despite his menacing appearance and mouth full of fangs, he's an irrelevant antagonist that simply cracks jokes and annoys the main characters. He's appeared in Final Fantasy games since Final Fantasy 6 and as recently as Final Fantasy 15.

4 Pupu Wants Your Elixirs

Pupu is a unique character, probably because it's an alien. It's found in the crater where Balamb Garden once stood as an enemy. However, fighting Pupu is unnecessary, since it only wants an elixir or two. Elixirs are hard to come by, so it's understandable if you prefer not to share. Be sure you don't run from Pupu, otherwise you won't be able to encounter him again. If you give it the elixirs it requires, you'll receive the one-of-a-kind "Pupu Triple Triad Card."

3 Hildibrand's An Incompetent Detective

Hildibrand Manderville shows up in Final Fantasy 14 as an "inspector extraordinaire." He fancies himself as the Sherlock Holmes of Final Fantasy with unmatched intellect. In reality, he's a bumbling buffoon who can't solve a case with a confession. Everyone in-game knows this too, except for his own Watson, Nashu.

Subterfuge isn't his forte as he's incapable of remaining quiet even while shadowing a suspect. Hildibrand is a boisterous person, so silence isn't in his wheelhouse. He loves to show off his athletic physique by flexing for those around him.

2 Biggs And Wedge Are Recurring Comic-Relief

The funniest version of this recurring duo comes from Final Fantasy 8. Biggs and Wedge are a nod to Star Wars, named after Luke Skywalker's Rebel friends Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles. This duo appears in just as many iterations of Final Fantasy as Cid, and they always offer some form of comedic-relief. In Final Fantasy 8, Biggs and Wedge are Galbanian soldiers who offer no challenge to the main characters and are usually replaced by a real boss fight shortly after their introductions. Their banter is always a joy.

1 Gilgamesh Is A Drama Queen

Gilgamesh might be seen as a serious character, but his humor is evident from the get-go. The protagonists often battle Gilgamesh when he's in search of a special weapon or if they're trying to obtain one. He's fascinated by weapons, so he keeps a massive collection. Oftentimes, when he's wounded during battle, Gilgamesh will pause and become over-dramatic about his injuries while he heals himself. His lines easily bring a chuckle that makes you wonder how serious a character he is.

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