The Last Hero Of Nostalgaia: How To Unlock Smithing

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Upgrading your character and equipment is an integral part of any Soulslike title, and The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is no exception to that rule. However, unlike the Dark Souls titles, the Smithy isn't found on the critical path and is tucked away instead, becoming easily missable if you aren't checking every nook and cranny.

The good news is that you can find the Smithy relatively early in the game and can upgrade your weapons rather early, giving you a significant push to tackle the unforgiving world ahead of you. That is, of course, if you have the required resources to do so.

Where To Find The Smithy

While you can reach the Smithy early in the game, you will have to take care of a few things first in the game's 'tutorial' section. As such, you can find those steps below!


  • Defeat tutorial boss Spirit of Heroism
  • Make your way to the Heartflow Altar
  • Remember the Locksmith's Serrated Saw in front of the Old Man

Once the above requirements are met, a gate will open west of the Heartflow Altar, leading to a new area. Follow this path and progress forward until you reach the Abandoned Market Tether. Rest here, then push onward until you come across an enormous statue in a middle of a commons area.

The Smithy's Location

To the left of the statue will be a building with a sign hanging above its door with an anvil on it. Make your way towards the door while preparing to take on some enemies and enter it. Whenever you're inside the building, you will see an item you can pick up on a table in the back of the room. Pick it up to receive the Smith's Hammer and to trigger a cutscene.

Remembering The Smith's Hammer

After the cutscene ends, stand in front of the Smithy and do the following steps:

  • Open Menu > Inventory > Smith's Hammer > Remember

Remembering the Smith's Hammer will have the Smithy agree to offer you his hand to upgrade your weapons. The catch, however, is you will need to summon him at anvils found around the world of Nostalgaia. Fortunately, there's one not too far from your current location, which we will cover in the next section!

How To Upgrade Weapons

With the Smithy on your side, it's time to find an anvil to summon him for his services. To do this, head back outside from where you met the Smithy, walk to the front of the large statue, and look to the left. You will see a sign above a door with a mug of beer on it. Enter the bar and continue following the pathway until you reach a barn. Head into the barn, climb the ladder and follow the train tracks to the right.

You will see a small forge to the right of the tracks. Walk into the forge to find an anvil and a Teather. Approach the anvil and interact with it to use the Remembered Smith's Hammer on it to summon the Smithy you rescued earlier. After some lines of dialogue, you can use his services at the Oreshaft Smelter whenever you wish.

Upgrading Weapons

Now that you have summoned Smithy at an anvil, you can upgrade weapons if you have accumulated enough materials and have enough Memory (Souls) to do so. When speaking with the Smithy, you will see two prompts: Hone Weapons and Infuse Weapons, let's go over what each of them does below!

Hone Weapons

Honing a weapon requires you to have specific materials and Memory to use and will increase the weapon's base Stats. In The Last Hero of Nostalgaia, the material you need is known as Traditions, which vary in quality the more and more you upgrade your weapon. You can obtain Traditions by exploring the world or, in some cases, farming specific enemies.

However, when it comes to Honing Weapons, you will need to find a Master Smithy to upgrade your weapons to their max level, which won't happen until much later in your journey. So, for now, focus on the basic Smithy, as you can still upgrade your weapon quite drastically, which will help you tremendously with some early area boss encounters.

Infuse Weapons

Infusing Weapons, on the other hand, allows you to reinforce your weapon, enabling you to change its scaling properties or make it more durable when used. Depending on the weapon, your Stats, and which Infusing Method you use on it, you can turn it from an excellent weapon to an outstanding one. You can find a list of all Infusing Methods below!

Infusing MethodDescription
Allegory of DegradationReinforces your weapon with the ability to build Degradation up over time.
Legend of IndependenceIncreases the raw power of your weapon but eliminates its ability to scale with Stats.
Parable of BalanceRaises the weapon's ability to scale with Strength and Dexterity Stats by a reasonable margin.
Story of StrengthRaises the scalability of your weapon with the Strength Stat.
Poem of SourceIncreases your weapon's scalability with the Source Stat.
Tale of LuckYour weapon's scalability with the Luck Stat is increased.
Chronicle of DexterityRaises the weapon's scalability with your Dexterity Stat.
Fable of GlitchReforges your weapon and adds Source damage to it.
Blank ParchmentRemoves any current Infusing Method from a weapon.

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