The Last Of Us Fans Think Kathleen Was Added To Prepare New Viewers For Abby

If you're not caught up on HBO's The Last Of Us and haven't played Part 2, there are big spoilers for both ahead. Episode five introduced Sam and Henry, two characters being hunted by Kathleen. As for why Kathleen is so keen to kill basically everyone who crosses her path, that may well be preparing new fans for Abby.

Arguably the most important character in the games outside of Joel and Ellie, Abby is introduced to the series in Part 2. A woman hellbent on getting revenge on the person who killed her father, and it turns out that person is Joel.

Highlighted by Naughty Dog Central, showrunner Craig Mazin explained Kathleen's motivations. “Her brother was her Joel and her Joel died. And when her Joel died, she kind of lost it and needed to kill the people that killed her Joel,” Mazin explains. That's incredibly similar to Abby's motivation, except the person who killed her Joel is, in fact, Joel.

Fans seem to agree with the comparison, suggesting the adaptation may be preparing new fans, of which there are a lot, for the introduction of Abby in season two. Abby continues to be a divisive character in Part 2 and one many players vehemently dislike. That's even though you have to control her for a significant chunk of the game as its story attempts to help you sympathize with her situation and even take her side over Joel's.

Kathleen was an entirely new character who wasn't present in the games. It's very possible one of the reasons for her existence was to give viewers Abby-like characters to meet and potentially understand before Abby is introduced in season two. Whether that was the intention or not, and whether it will work, there will still be those who have played Part 2 who will pipe back up as soon as we see the live-action Abby for the first time.

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