The Last Of Us Part 2 Removed A Painting Minigame After Testers Drew A Swastika

The next time you wonder why we can't have nice things, remember it's probably because someone used them to draw a dick or swastika in testing. Sounds silly, but it's been revealed that this is why a painting minigame was removed from The Last of Us Part 2. "First outside playtest someone drew a swastica [sic] to see if they could", said Anthony Vaccaro, a principal environment artist at Naughty Dog.

During the aquarium scene with Owen and Abby, there was originally supposed to be a moment where you could help Owen finish a painting of her by taking over the drawing. Unfortunately, as soon as an outside playtester got their hands on it they tried to draw a swastika, the symbol of the Nazis, just to see if they could. The very first tester.

Assuming this was a professional tester, they were likely doing this because they knew that hate symbol was one of the first things many players would try to create, I assume followed immediately by a penis. So really, they did Naughty Dog a favour, as no one wants screenshots of swastikas in their game doing the rounds. If it was just some random gamer, however, then they showed Naughty Dog gamers simply can't be trusted.

Instead of a cute little painting minigame, we got the bow and arrow friendly competition instead. In it, you, as Abby, have to shoot a bunch of wooden target boards placed around the aquarium exhibition. She's no Ellie, so it's a lot harder than you'd initially expect.

The Last of Us TV show on HBO has been off to an emotional start, with episode three getting everyone in their feelings. Nick Offerman, who stars in the episode said he hasn't played the game, but did lose two weeks of his life to Banjo-Kazooie 25 years ago.

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