The Last Of Us Producer Confirms Leaked Episode Names Aren’t Accurate

2022 is almost at an end, and 2023 will kick off with The Last Of Us on HBO. Well, 15 days into the new year, the highly anticipated adaptation will premiere. Fans eagerly awaiting the show thought they had been given another clue as to what to expect from the show in the form of episode titles over the weekend, but one of The Last Of Us's writers and producers has stepped in to set the record straight.

Word that the names of the first three episodes of the first season started to do the rounds when they appeared on Rotten Tomatoes. Someone took the supposed name of episode two, Cordyceps Ordo Seclorum, and posted it on Reddit, sparking a discussion about its various translations and what it might mean. That's when Craig Mazin stepped in.

The producer replied to the lively discussion dissecting what the episode title might mean to pour fire on the flames. Cordyceps Ordo Seclorum will not be the name of episode two. “This title was an early idea we had, but we ended up ditching it and going with something else,” Mazin wrote on Reddit. “As someone pointed out in this thread, it doesn't really make much sense.”

The unused episode title appears to be in Latin, and a couple of rough translations were offered up before Mazin confirmed it to be a scrapped idea. It seems to directly translate to “order of the centuries” which, as both the poster and Mazin point out, doesn't really mean anything. However, someone else suggested it could mean Cordyceps World Order if tweaked, which would actually make a lot of sense.

While not listed on Google, or mentioned in the Reddit post, it was also believed episode one will be called When You're Lost In The Darkness, and episode three will be called Long, Long Night. Although not directly referenced by Mazin, he does mention that all titles will be revealed soon, suggesting those leaked names aren't accurate either.

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