The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Fans Discover You Can Steal The Fisherman’s Hat

This year, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time turns 25, and you might think that a game that old is all out of surprises. However, it looks like it still has a trick or two up its sleeve for players to discover. One such trick is making the rounds lately, and it involves everyone’s favorite Hylian nabbing some new headgear.

ResetEra user Uzumaki Goku has discovered that it is not only fish Link can catch when he visits the fishing pond. Players can take the fishing rod and cast it at the man behind the counter, ripping his hat off his balding head. You can then run around with the hat attached to the fishing pole, as the man shouts, “What are you doing?!”.

Sadly, Link can only run around with the hat and not actually wear it. Although you can cast the rod into the pond a few times with the fisherman's hat still attached, it will eventually fall off and sink to the bottom of the pond, never to be worn again. Or, you can pity the poor man and give him back his hat instead of feeding it to the fish.

As someone who grew up on the Zelda series, I'm pretty shocked that I never knew this hat thievery was possible. Although, it is so obscure that I may have heard about it and just never believed it. After all, I was too busy saving the world from Ganon.

While some players have chimed into the thread to express how they thought this was common knowledge, others are just as surprised as I am to hear about it 25 years later. As you might expect, this kicked off a discussion on the strangest tricks in the game, with some of the highlights including a dying guard and breaking beehives for items.

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