The Legend Of Zelda: The Great Fairies, Ranked

Since the original The Legend of Zelda, the Great Fairies have become a staple feature of the series, appearing in almost every game. The Great Fairies are most well known for their ability to heal Link and upgrade equipment, weapons, and armor, making them an important part of any hero’s journey.

The designs of the Great Fairies have differed greatly over the years, with each game borrowing and adding something new to their iconic look. Each canonical version of the Great Fairies has brought something original, whether that be in terms of design, story, or a reward Link can earn.

13 Reimagined In 2D: Four Swords Adventures

In some stages of Four Swords Adventures, you can encounter a Great Fairy that upgrades your equipment if you drop it into its pond, a mechanic that can often be essential to finishing puzzles and clearing the stage.

The best part of the Great Fairies in this game was seeing their incredible design in The Wind Waker reimagined in the Four Swords Adventures’ 2D art style, giving them a much more classical Zelda look. They’re very different from their Four Swords counterparts, departing from the more traditional fairy style.

12 The Original: The Legend Of Zelda

The first instance of fairies in The Legend of Zelda series was in the original game, although they weren’t quite the Great Fairies you’ll find in later titles. Known simply as Fairies, these magical creatures can be found in ponds throughout Hyrule and will recover your hearts if you find yourself low on health.

While these fairies were the first iteration in the series, their simplistic design and character mean they lack the uniqueness needed to stand apart and are often overshadowed by their flashier counterparts.

11 In Your Dreams: Link's Awakening

In this game, the Great Fairies can be found across Koholint Island and will heal your wounds, much like other Great Fairies in the series. One notable difference is an exclusive Great Fairy, known as the Fairy Queen, in Link’s Awakening DX. She’s found in the Color Dungeon and will give you the power of color, allowing you to choose between the Red Clothes and the Blue Clothes.

The Fairies of Link’s Awakening received a graphical upgrade in the remake for Nintendo Switch, where their designs were translated into colorful 3D.

10 Blast From The Past: A Link Between Worlds

Returning to the world of A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds’ Great Fairies have a similar design to the original, albeit updated with 3D graphics. The Great Fairies return to their traditional roots, sporting fairy wings and antennas.

You can encounter the Great Rupee Fairy in Lorule, who gives you rewards for throwing Rupees into her fountain. Although she rewards you with a Bottle for throwing in 3,000 Rupees, design-wise, her appearance is just a recolor of other Great Fairies in the game.

9 A Classic Look: Oracle Of Seasons/Oracle Of Ages

The Great Fairies of these games function much like the classic Great Fairies from older titles in the series and replenish Link’s health if he encounters one. In terms of design, the fairies of the Oracle games resemble those in Link’s Awakening.

One notable difference in Oracle of Ages is the inclusion of the Fairy Queen – you must find the Fairy Powder to cure her of her cursed Octorok appearance. Once healed, she restores the sea to its natural beauty and rids it of pollution.

8 Honesty Is The Best Policy: A Link To The Past

A Link to the Past is where the Great Fairies started to become more like what we know them as today. In the game, Great Fairies can be found hidden in caves or holes and will reliably heal your hearts, if you’re lucky enough to come across one.

A special feature in this game is the Mysterious Pond found in the Waterfall of Wishing, where Link can throw items into the pond, which will be returned to him by a Great Fairy. If you answer the Fairy’s questions honestly, you can receive an upgraded item.

7 Out Of A Fairytale: Four Swords

There are three Great Fairies in Four Swords that you can meet throughout your journey – the Great Fairy of Forest, the Great Fairy of Flame, and the Great Fairy of Ice – that give Link a key at the end of each stage.

While the Great Fairies in this game don’t have a huge role in the story, their designs are one of the most typically fairy-like in the series, featuring wings and long, flowing dresses. It’s also a nice touch how each Fairy’s design reflects their designated area.

6 Winging It: The Minish Cap

The Great Fairies of The Minish Cap return to their fairy-tale roots, with magical designs straight out of a storybook – though you might recognize them from Four Swords, too. This time, the Great Fairies had name upgrades, with their titles now reflecting their different wing designs.

It’s possible to encounter the Great Butterfly Fairy, the Great Mayfly Fairy, and the Great Dragonfly Fairy across the game, and they’ll test you in return for the ability to hold more Rupees, Bombs, and Arrows – a worthwhile reward.

5 One Of A Kind: Twilight Princess

In line with Twilight Princess’ unique art style, the design of the Great Fairy in this game stands apart from others in the series, taking on a much more realistic look. Although she’s the only one of her kind, she’s definitely deserving of the Great Fairy title.

You’ll find this Great Fairy on every tenth floor of the Cave of Ordeals, providing you with a welcome respite from the dangers of each floor. If you manage to reach floor 50 – the final floor – she’ll reward you with a bottle of Great Fairy’s Tears.

4 Scavenger Hunt: Majora's Mask

Famously, Majora’s Mask reused a lot of assets from Ocarina of Time due to its shortened development time, and the Great Fairies were no exception to this. Although in design they’re identical to their Ocarina of Time counterparts, they require a lot more effort to unlock.

To get their rewards, you must find all the stray fairies in Clock Town and the game’s four dungeons, a task that can often prove tricky because of the time limit you have to complete all the dungeons within.

3 Out Of This World: The Wind Waker

There are seven Great Fairies you can encounter sailing across the Great Sea, with the kind of upgrade you receive from them differing based on their color. You’ll also need to find the Queen of Fairies, who gives you the use of Fire and Ice Arrows.

Design-wise, the Great Fairies of Wind Waker are perhaps the most distinctive in the series, with an other-worldly appearance shown by their four arms, solid-colored eyes, and the way they float without wings. The Queen of Fairies also received a design change, taking on a child-like form.

2 Iconic Design: Ocarina Of Time

In terms of design, the Great Fairies of Ocarina of Time boast one of the most iconic appearances in the series. Matching their newfound personality, they have vibrant, pig-tailed hair, bold makeup, and nymph-like clothing.

By playing Zelda’s Lullaby at a Great Fairy Fountain, you can summon a Fairy that will give you a gift, such as a defense upgrade, a magical spin attack, or a bigger magic meter. These Fairies are definitely worth seeking out across Hyrule because of their great designs and worthwhile rewards.

1 Link’s Number One Fans: Breath Of The Wild

The Great Fairies of Breath of the Wild are bursting with personality. By offering Rupees, you can restore the Great Fairy Fountains to their former splendor, and the Great Fairies will then reward Link with upgrades to his armor.

The most memorable part of the Great Fairies is their animation when blessing Link. They start off by blowing a kiss, then eventually snatch Link up and pull him beneath the waters of the fountain – a funny moment, considering how small Link is in comparison to the Great Fairies.

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