The Most Maidenless Ways To Travel In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a big game, and traversing the Lands Between can be exhausting, especially after you've proven to Morgott that there was nothing foolish about your ambitions for the twelfth time. Torrent and warping between Sites of Grace are great, but these modes of transportation are just so boring!

Instead, you should consider spicing your journey up by using some alternative means of travel. Give Torrent a break and tell the Greater Will that you don't need their Grace. You're a strong independent Tarnished, and you don't need any cosmic god.

7 Troll Carriage

Found in several areas throughout the Lands Between, Troll Carriages are an elegant, sophisticated mode of transportation. Rides are free, though you may have to fight through some would-be passengers chasing the carriage. Don't feel bad, though, because death doesn't exist in the Lands Between, and they attacked you first.

After establishing dominance and choosing either a front or back seat on the carriage, all you need to do is let the Trolls carry on with their work. Occasionally you might be onset by bandits, but as long as you protect your carriage pullers, you shouldn't face any delays. Just make sure not to upset the Trolls, though; they have short tempers and will destroy your ride if you step out of line.

6 Zip

Have you ever watched a science-fiction movie and thought, "I wish I could teleport like that in a fantasy game"? Now you can! Thanks to the tireless work of countless other maidenless Tarnished, Zip travel has come to the Lands Between, and you can instantly go wherever you want.

You probably think it sounds too good to be true, and you'd be completely right. While Zip travel is fast, it's about as safe as driving a car off of a cliff because, in many ways, that's what you're actually doing. Aiming in the wrong direction or clipping into an errant piece of terrain can cause instant death, so before you attempt this highly unstable mode of travel, make sure you've spent all your runes.

5 Ram Roll

Rolling: a mechanic that every Souls game shares (except for Sekiro, because the titular ninja wrongfully believes quick-stepping is better) that gives you invincibility frames by covering yourself in the dirt. But what if there was a better, more fashionable way to roll than just diving onto the ground?

Introducing Lightning Ram! This nature-inspired Ash of War lets you channel the spirit of those cute, tumbling rams you see throughout the land. Gone of the days of rolling for safety. Instead, harness the power of lightning and roll towards your destination with confidence, and if anyone gets in your way, it's their fault they didn't move.

4 Wrong Warp

If the Greater Will and the Two Fingers really wanted you to become Elden Lord, they shouldn't have made it so difficult to travel between Sites of Grace. You're trying to become the ruler of the Lands Between, not an errand person that finds lost Grace.

That's why you're not going to let them stop you from traveling from places like the Leyndell. Instead, you're going to use the chest at the Tower Of Return and enter the capital your own way. It wasn't your fault that on the Divine Bridge, you tried to warp to the Round Table Hold, and your game crashed just as your loading bar hit 100 percent. And it's definitely not your fault that when you restarted your game, you found yourself at the entrance of the Leyndell.

3 Prelate's Charge

Lightning Ram is for peasants. Someone as classy as you have standards and wouldn't dream of rolling in the dirt to get to your destination. Maybe you'd ride a mount if you had a steed like the tree sentinels, but the humble Torrent is nowhere near good enough for you. You are a Tarnished with standards.

Instead of rolling, you charge forth, flaming colossal hammer in hand, crushing anyone who dares stand between you and your destination. Even when you run out of Focus Points, you do not falter. You continue to charge forward gallantly until the only thing left in your wake is your fallen enemies.

2 Invisibility

After careful consideration, you've come to the conclusion that direct confrontation isn't for you. While some warriors charge into the fray, blades swinging and spells flying, you prefer to play it safe. At parties, you blend into the background, barely noticed. You are a master of stealth, and with your Concealing Veil and Unseen Form spell, no one will ever notice your presence again.

Trebuchets, patrols, and bears are nothing to you as you walk past them without a second thought. If you're worried about them hearing you, you can also learn the Assassin's Approach incantation, silencing your footsteps and ensuring that your travels will go completely unhindered.

1 Airwalk

One of the most unfair parts of Elden Ring is that everyone except you seems to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Bosses can jump across entire arenas, with Radahn even breaking out of the atmosphere. Meanwhile, you can barely jump a couple of feet off the ground. You might be Elden Lord, but compared to the champions of old, you're still just another Tarnished.

This is unacceptable. As Elden Lord, you deserve to be able to fly, even if for only a moment. After some research in the Raya Lucaria Library, you've learned that if you equip Marika's Hammer, a katana with Unsheathe, and a weapon with the Spinning Weapon attack, you can fly by walking on air! It takes some practice and perfect timing, but once you've got it down, the sky's the limit.

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