The Outer Worlds: Peril On Gorgon: All Phonograph Locations

Some of the best content in The Outer Worlds were the side missions, and the same could be said of the Peril on Gorgon DLC. One of these optional tasks is called The Electric Fling, and will have you scouring all of Gorgon searching for phonographs. Unlike Spacer’s Choice, we’re the best choice to help you find them all.

After speaking to the former journalist Roscoe Clanton on Gorgon in The Outer Worlds DLC, you will begin the side quest The Electric Fling. In order to go home, he needs you to recover his portable phonographs that hold the interviews he conducted with Dr. Olivia Ambrose, but this obviously isn’t as easy as it sounds or he’d do it himself. Rather than scour the entire asteroid yourself looking for them based on the descriptions, our guide will show you exactly where to look.

Where To Find All The Phonographs For Electric Fling

There are only five phonographs we need to track down, and many you can grab up while completing other objectives for the main campaign too. Once you get them all don’t immediately return to Roscoe, however, because there are two ways you can finish off this quest with different rewards.

HIA Observation Room B Phonograph

Our first phonograph will require you to have the HIA passkey, which you will get as part of the A Clockwork Mock Apple mission. To get there from Roscoe, leave the area via the elevator and go back to the Sprat Shack Exterior. Fast travel right to the HIA Facility and head inside. Make your way through the rubble, heading upwards to the Volunteer Quarters, through the large open rooms and assembly lines, and past the combat training area. The phonograph will be stuck between a pipe and the wall directly to the right of the door leading to the little observation room.

OCI Projector Room Phonograph

The next stop is the Office of Creative Incubation while on The Ones Who Walk Away From Gorgon mission. Take a left around the front desk and to the stairway on the right up to the second floor. Stick to the left wall until you come to the hole and pass through it, heading back out the doorway overlooking the bottom floor on the right and following it along into the lounge area. Head all the way up to the back of the connected theater and check the shelves with film reels on it for the next phonograph.

Birdie’s Apartment Phonograph

Right outside of the OCI are the Executive Suits, which will be marked on your map with a square. Just head up the ramp into the first apartment it leads you to and grab the phonograph waiting dead ahead.

CHEM Lab Phonograph

You will be taken to the CHEM lab as part of the main story mission for the DLC, so grab this one while you’re doing that. As you progress through the lab you will reach a room labeled Main Lab filled with glowing green tubes. Enter the side room on the left and search the shelf at eye level for the phonograph.

Ravine Phonograph

Our last phonograph is going to be plucked out of the Trash Dump in the far South of the map. Head into the absolutely trashed room and open the lockers to the right of the door to make this an easy get.

Turn In The Quest

Now that you have all the phonographs, you can choose whether you want to bring them back to Roscoe like he asked, or Georgie’s Automech. If you give them to Roscoe you will get a 1,250 Bit Cartridge and the Wall of Swords weapon, while Georgie’s Automech rewards you with a 2,250 Bit Cartrdige and the Wilderness Ops armor.

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