The Pathless Will Receive Physical Editions And A Vinyl Soundtrack

Giant Squid’s upcoming game The Pathless has recently been announced as a PS5 launch title. Merchandise company iam8bit has also revealed its plans to release two physical editions of the action-adventure, as well as a vinyl soundtrack.

In collaboration with Annapurna Interactive and developer Giant Squid, iam8bit announced that the game’s two physical releases and the vinyl soundtrack are both available for pre-order. The merchandise is due to release on December 8, with some extra goodies included in the physical editions.

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Iam8bit is offering fans of the upcoming title the chance to receive a PS5 physical edition of the game, which will be accompanied by 6 collectible art cards illustrated with artwork by Emmy winner Elaine Lee. The release will also come with the option to upgrade to an Exclusive Edition, featuring a region free physical copy of the game, the aforementioned art cards, in addition to a giant foldout poster and reversible cover sheet. The Exclusive Edition will retail at $52.99, available for pre-order now, and will serve as a great collectors bundle for fans.

Iam8bit is also releasing The Pathless’ score on vinyl for $39.99. The beautiful LPs feature one red and one blue inside a picturesque gatefold jacket designed with Elaine Lee’s illustrations once again. This release is an apt presentation piece for Journey and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate composer Austin Wintory’s score, with mastering by Steve Kempster. Wintory’s soundtrack harnesses The Pathless’ sense of adventure and curious exploration, with a big orchestra behind its epic output.

Recently, The Pathless has released a preview of how its PS5 DualSense features will work upon the game’s release with the next-gen console in November. The haptic feedback will play a rewarding part for the player when using the Hunter’s bow, by demonstrating the tension behind drawing back the string. The haptic feedback will also aid players in timing their shots whilst using the ranged weapon; a hunting mechanic that relies heavily on a player’s timing.

The Pathless is on track to become one of the more visually stunning next-gen titles, which received an honorable vinyl release just like last year’s hit indie game Untitled Goose Game.

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