The Philadelphia Orchestra Takes On Trombone Champ And Fails

Trombone Champ is shaping up to be 2022's meme Game of the Year, thanks to its utter ridiculousness. Not only does it look silly, but sounds so as well, because of its main feature – making a song into a trombone solo. But, unlike games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Trombone Champ doesn't mute when you hit the wrong note – in fact, it gives you the freedom to play your chosen song in whatever wonderfully horrible way you want.

Since it's so easy to fail at it, the pros themselves decided to give Trombone Champ a go (thanks PCGamer). The Philadelphia Orchestra decided to give the game a go and upload the results onto its YouTube channel. However, it seems that not even pros couldn't handle this chaotic instrument – mostly because it has nothing to do with actually playing a trombone.

Principal trombone, Nitzan Haroz, co-principal trombone, Matt Vaughn, and bass trombone, Blair Bollinger were the three musicians who have a combined 130 years of experience with the trombone, tried their hands at the game. Neither of the three fared well, as their performances were constantly greeted by 'Meh' and 'Nasty'. "I'm humiliated," said Vaughn. "It just goes to show you that practicing the trombone is a waste of time."

However, little does Vaugn know, that even using a real trombone to play the game doesn't guarantee that you'll do any better. In fact, it actually guarantees that your score will be much worse than with a mouse. One legend used some clever scripting to hook up their actual trombone to Trombone Champ and played a version of the The Star-Spangled Banner that earned them a B, and made bald eagles everywhere cry.

You may think VR could help you up those scores too, however this isn't the case. In a bid to make the game a bit more immersive, someone created a Trombone Champ VR mod. You get a first person view of what's happening, and unlike the normal version, you can actually hold the controllers and move them like you're playing a real trombone. It still won't get your scores up though.

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