The Unliving: 5 Beginner Tips

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  • Keep A Lookout For Different Altars
  • Convert Everyone To The Undead
  • Don't Forget To Spend Your Arkhe And Prima
  • Knowing Different Special Abilities Is Important
  • Keep A Check On Your HUD

If you're a fan of the world of the Undead, The Unliving is perfect for you! It lets you play as Necromancer who can defeat the living and make your own army with the human corpses. The more people they throw at you, the bigger your army will be once you defeat them.

Being a Roguelike game, it involves a lot of strategy and patience. If you fail in a certain raid, you'll have to start from the very beginning all over again. This puts a lot of pressure on you whenever a new run is started, and a few tips can go a long way to reduce this.

Keep A Lookout For Different Altars

During the tutorial, you'll be greeted by a circular spot on the ground that looks like a place for conducting rituals. When you get close to the spot in the middle, the game will let you select one ability out of three. These abilities can involve different Spells or buffs to a specific undead's abilities.

When you start playing the game, these altars will be scattered throughout the raids, but they won't be as obvious as they were in the tutorial. It is important to go through every optional path you can find. These can be seen on the map feature as well. These paths will not only contain the altars but also help you increase the number of undead in your army.

As for the altars, these spots will contain different auras in the middle including Blood, Echo, Bones, and Lifeforce essence. Different type of essence is signified by their unique color. You can read what type of essence it is by getting close to it, but here are the colors for them:

Essence TypeSignifying Color

Other than the altars, you will also find Chests with gold, Lifespark potion, Arkhe, and Prima in these optional routes. All of these things can determine the final output of the specific raid.

Convert Everyone To The Undead

The undead are an integral part of your fight against humans. While the game tells you to raise all the souls whenever you can, it's still quite easy to miss some of them because of the group limitations. This limitation means that you cannot raise the undead directly after killing them.

You're required to defeat the entire group before you can convert them. This can be changed with some abilities though. For example, the Lifeforce of Necromancer instantly lets you raise the corpses present in the area even if their group hasn't been defeated.

The difference between a corpse being available for conversion or not is signified by the color of the skull on top of it. If you see a red skull above a corpse, it means that there's still one or more members of the group alive. When the entire group is defeated, the skulls on top of all the corpses will change to a white-yellow hue.

It is also important to know what's ahead of you, especially when you're deep into a certain area's raid. There are many instances where the game positions the enemies at a choke point. For example, sometimes you might attack some enemies behind barricades but more enemies spawn from the hatches behind you.

These types of fights can easily overwhelm your army if you don't know how to control them properly. To avoid this, keep a lookout for the hatches whenever you're entering a certain area. Furthermore, you can move your cursor in the direction you're moving to get the maximum view of the path ahead.

Don't Forget To Spend Your Arkhe And Prima

Almost everything you'll acquire during a certain raid will be gone when you fall and go back to the lobby area. Although, you can build up Arkhe and Prima by different means that will stay and carry over to the lobby. Apart from simply progressing in the raid, you can also get these items from altars at random.

When you move from one main area to the next in your raid after the final battle, you'll also lose your entire undead army. But you'll keep your abilities and weapon upgrades until you fall.

The Arkhe and Prima that you build up can be used for different upgrades in the main area. Unfortunately, most of these upgrades won't be applied to you directly when you start a new raid. Instead, they'll just unlock certain abilities and you'll have a chance of getting them in the game.

Knowing Different Special Abilities Is Important

The game is far more detailed than it looks in the beginning because every single human and undead has their own special ability. These abilities will determine your position in the game far more than you can imagine, especially if you don't pay attention to them. Here are a few ways this can affect you in Burial Isle, the first area:

  • As shown above, a giant can charge up a smash in a massive AoE that will deal a ton of damage to every undead in the area. This can delete your army's numbers significantly fast if left unchecked.
  • Archers directly target you with their special ability. They charge a flaming arrow that has only one target, the Necromancer. If this arrow hits you, it'll deal 21-24 damage, which is a huge chunk of your health.
  • The werewolves will be the most annoying enemies to deal with in this region. If you're in range of their special attack, they'll focus on you no matter how many undead are attacking them. After fully charging, they will quickly jump at you with a bite that depletes your health.

A good way to know when enemies like archers or werewolves are charging their special ability is by looking at their health bar. Whenever they start charging these abilities, there'll be a smaller bar below their health, telling you exactly when they're going to unleash it.

This system goes both ways as all your undead also have unique abilities that can help you defeat hordes of enemies easily. It's important to learn all the abilities and times when you can get the most value out of them.

Keep A Check On Your HUD

There's so much happening at any given time during a raid in The Unliving, and you can easily lose track of the most important aspects that you need to take care of. When there's a major battle going on, it's important to pay attention to the top-left of your screen, which contains your health bar and Lifeforce.

The undead can be sacrificed at any point, and this allows them to use their special abilities before they're gone forever. Every time you sacrifice an undead, it uses Lifeforce signified by the reduction of your green bar. Some spells can also use Lifeforce and you can see that whenever you claim them.

Furthermore, if your health drops below one of the sections dividing your health bar, you lose it permanently unless you claim a Lifefspark potion from the Wares or one of the altars. It would be best if you did everything in your power to avoid this from happening, and here are a few things that can help:

  • Some mobs drop a health potion when they're defeated, but these potions can only be claimed for a certain amount of time. Depending on the type of potion, you can gain 20 or 30 health from each of them.
  • Whenever you kill a human wizard, you can convert them into the undead with the special ability to heal the Necromancer and the undead around them when they're sacrificed.

There are other elements of your HUD that you need to pay attention to as well. Whenever you get a spell or an ability for your weapon, you can hover your cursor at the bottom-left of your screen to check what they do. You can also see the amount of Gold, Ash, Arkhe, and Prima you've gathered at the top-right of your screen.

Finally, all the special abilities for the undead currently in your army can be read on the right side by hovering over them. Sometimes, multiple undead can be sacrificed by using the same button, which can make things a little confusing.

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