The Unliving: Guide To All Humans And Undead In Caredhwaithian Mires

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As The Necromancer, you have to pay attention to enemy groups, their abilities, and your army at the same time while playing The Unliving. This can get quite annoying if you don't know exactly what to do when these abilities are thrown at you since you don't get a lot of time to react.

In the game, you have to defeat different kinds of humans to raise their corpse as undead and use it against them. You can get to Caredhwaithian Mires after finishing the final battle in Burial Isle, and you'll get introduced to different special abilities in this area.

The Unliving is currently in Early Access, and it can be subjected to various changes with time.

Caredhwaithian Mires Human Guide

Technically, it's not fair to call the enemies in Caredhwaithian Mires humans, because some of them are monsters like Mirefolk and Angler. Every time you start a raid in The Unliving, you'll have to beat Burial Isle before you can get to this area. This can get quite frustrating after a few runs.

Furthermore, the game takes away your entire undead army when you move areas. While this can be annoying, it's recommended to interact with the boss at the end to instantly kill your army so you can get a ton of Ash from them. Also, some bugs can lead to you losing the weapon.

Once you spawn in this second area, you'll be given three Undead Mirefolk, one Lifespark potion, and one random Essence form Blood, Echo, Bone, and Lifeforce. You need to use these to start fighting the enemies of Caredhwaithian Mires to increase your army's numbers.

Every type of human in the area has its own special ability that can tip the balance in its favor, so it's important to understand them as The Necromancer. Here's a breakdown of all their abilities and how to counter them:

Name Of HumanSpecial AbilityHow To Counter
MirefolkMirefolks are the basic humans in Caredhwaithian Mires similar to Peasants in Burial Isle. They have a chance of throwing a ball of goop from their mouth at the Necromancer.Generally, you wouldn't even have to worry about dodging these unless you're fighting extremely close to the enemies because of certain abilities. Other than that, you only have to dodge them at the very start.
HoundThese are one of the two common enemies from Burial Isle. They can jump over walls and have high movement speed to get close to you quickly.It's easy to lose a Hound's aggro by simply running them through one of the undead. Even if they get to attack you, they only deal around three to five damage on each bite.
RangerThese ranged enemies perform like a ninja in The Unliving. They can jump back if someone's attacking them, and they also throw a flame arrow directly at The Necromancer just like Archers.

The only difference is that the arrows from Rangers come back on the same path after reaching a certain distance.

It can be quite tricky to dodge the Ranger's flame shot, especially if you're fighting a horde of enemies. The best way to go against them is to move constantly after every shot from your weapon.
ClericSame as Burial Isle, the Clerics can heal enemies from the back line when you're fighting them. They can also throw a fireball at The Necromancer.While the fireballs are easy to dodge, it's important to focus on the Clerics when you're in battle. Their healing can be quite annoying if you're fighting tanky enemies.
AnglerThe Anglers can pull enemies toward them. Their main target will be The Necromancer, but they'll just pull any undead in the area if they miss you.Whenever an Angler is about to hook you, there'll be a red circle below The Necromancer that'll follow the character for a second. Once it stops following, dodge out of the way before Angler throws his ability.
AlchemistThis is one of the tanky characters in Caredhwaithian Mires, and they have two types of attacks. Firstly, they'll spawn three flowers that'll explode after charging, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

They also spawn another flower that locks onto you and throws projectiles constantly.

A simple counter to both of Alchemist's abilities is to break them as soon as possible. When you see an Alchemist in the enemy team, pay attention to where she places her abilities and destroy them immediately.
CommanderThe Commander is an obnoxious enemy because he shields the surrounding humans. Furthermore, he charges up an AoE attack as soon as the undead or Necromancer gets close, dealing heavy damage at the end.Whenever you see a Commander in front, try to place your undead army behind and bait out his AoE attack alone. Once that's over, you can easily defeat the group.
Archer TowerAt certain points, you'll find a few Rangers on an Archer Tower that needs to be destroyed before you can hit them. These towers shoot a bunch of arrows at your undead army.Archer Towers can be deadly if left unchecked, and it's important to focus on them as soon as you can.

Caredhwaithian Mires Undead Guide

To convert the living into the undead, you have to defeat their entire group. This simply refers to the group that they're standing in, and Archer Towers count as a group themselves. Once every member of the group is eliminated, the skull above all their corpses will turn from red to white-yellow.

After enough fighting, you'll be able to have seven types of undead in your army at the same time. Since there are only four slots, some of these will be put together in the same one. You can only use an undead's special ability if you decide to sacrifice them and lose them forever. Here's a breakdown of all their abilities:

Name Of UndeadSacrificial AbilityHow To Use
Undead MirefolkExplodes and deals damage to the enemies in a small area. If there's no enemy nearby when you sacrifice them, the Undead Mirefolk turns into a mine that deals even more damage on hit.Ideally, you'd want to set up a bunch of these mines if you see a big hoard of enemies ahead, and then aggro them toward you while making sure the undead stay back.
Undead HoundWhen sacrificed, Undead Hounds also explode with lesser damage to the surrounding enemies, but they stun them for a bit.Just like human Hounds, these can also jump over barricades and get into the enemy's back line. You can use the combination of these abilities to reduce the damage done to your army.
Undead RangerUndead Ranger throws a bunch of knives at the designated area to deal 160 damage to the enemies within it. This ability takes priority aiming at the location of your cursor.This is the undead that you're going to be sacrificing the most. It's perfect for getting rid of enemies that stay at the back line and deal a ton of damage.
Undead ClericWhen the Cleric is sacrificed, it heals the surrounding undead and Necromancer over four to five seconds.It's recommended to sacrifice the Cleric when you're not in battle unless they're about to die fighting. When you don't have enemies around you, move the army around to get the undead with low health around the Cleric before sacrificing them.
Undead AnglerSacrificing an Angler turns them into a blob. After a few seconds, it'll pull a bunch of nearby enemies toward it and explode, dealing 100 damage at the base level.Once Anglers start appearing during your raid of Caredhwaithian Mires, there'll be a ton of them. You can use it if the enemy is behind barricades to pull them closer and reduce the damage done to your army.
Undead AlchemistThrows a sphere in the direction you're aiming that slowly rolls toward the enemy. Every human hit will be immobilized and poisoned.Generally, you'd want to use this only when the undead Alchemist is about to die in battle. This ability doesn't have a huge impact on the battle.
Undead CommanderThe Commander lets out a scream when sacrificed, much similar to Werewolf in Burial Isle. The only difference is that his scream stuns the enemies and kills the low-health ones.Undead Commander is the rarest undead you'll get in Caredhwaithian Mires. With that in mind, this ability should only be used if you're getting overwhelmed by the massive forces of the enemy.

Sacrificing an undead costs Lifeforce, which is indicated by the green bar below your health. If you're running out of Lifeforce, you can recharge it with Undead Cleric's ability if you have the upgrade from the Ascension Throne.

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