The Witcher 3: A Complete Guide To The Devil By The Well Contract

You won’t spend very much time in White Orchard in the Witcher 3. This small, quaint area is only the setting of the game for a short bit at the very beginning before Geralt moves on to Velen. However, while you’re in White Orchard, you should be sure to stop by the notice board near the White Orchard Inn.

Here, you can find a contract and help out a local man who is in desperate need of assistance to save his daughter. This contract is called The Devil By the Well, and it’s actually the only Witcher Contract in the region. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

It’s important to note that if you don’t complete this quest by the time you start On Thin Ice toward the end of the game, it will fail.

9 How to Activate

There are two ways to activate and start this quest. The easiest is to grab the notice off the notice board just west of the White Orchard Inn. It was posted by a local man named Odolan. The second way to activate the quest is to speak to Odolan directly. Either way, he’ll tell you about the problems he’s facing and how you can help.

8 What’s Going On

Basically, the war between Nilfgaard and the Northern Realms is causing a ton of gruesome death on both sides. Bodies have been dumped in the nearby river and tainting the water. The water has become undrinkable because of all the corpses floating in it.

Odolan’s daughter has unfortunately fallen ill from drinking the water. He needs to fetch clean water from the well in the nearby abandoned village, but can’t get close to the well because it’s being haunted by a wraith. He’ll offer some gold to Geralt to help rid the area of the specter.

7 Noonwraiths

The wraith haunting the area is specifically a Noonwraith. These gross, terrifying monsters are the remaining spirits of young brides who died violent deaths just before they were to be married. They become bound to the world and haunt it, killing those who come near them, until they are eventually released from their binds and cast out of this realm.

Geralt will encounter a few of them in his travels, but this is probably the first you’ll see. While Noonwraiths can definitely be tough opponents, the recommended level for this quest is only Level 2, so it won’t be too hard.

6 Fight or Investigate

Head to the abandoned village and, if it’s around noon, you’ll see the ghost around the well. If you go at night, she won’t be present. She’ll only attack you if you get too close, so head toward the huts marked on your map. Only the eastern hut will have evidence that you can find using your Witcher Senses.

You’ll find an old diary that indicates to Geralt why the Noonwraith has been bound to the well, possibly with a bracelet as the object holding her to this realm. You won’t be able to investigate the huts unless the Noonwraith is initially there and Geralt spots it, so meditate until noon if you need.

Next, you’ll need to investigate the well itself. If the Noonwraith is there, you’ll have a short fight with her before investigating further. Otherwise, have a look at the rope where you’ll find a corpse hanging from it. Geralt will note that the bracelet probably fell into the well.

5 Get Ready to Swim

It seems a bit creepy that this well has a corpse hanging down into it, but, guess what! You get to dive into that well! That’s right — Geralt will determine that the bracelet probably fell down into the well’s water, where you’ll need to go find it.

If you’re lucky enough to have already found the recipe for Killer Whale and created it, you can consume one to help with the dive. Otherwise, dive in and look for the bracelet with your Witcher Sense. It won’t be too hard to find. From there, follow the path along the cave and dive under the next pool before finding your way out, back into the village.

4 Prepare to Fight

This fight isn’t the toughest Noonwraith in the game, but it is pretty hard for the level you’re probably at. Like most tough fights, it’s smart to prepare accordingly. If you’ve managed to create Specter Oil, apply it to your silver blade. If you have any other potions that might help in combat, go ahead and consume them. The Reliever’s Decoction is a good one to use against wraiths, if you have it.

Make sure you have your best armor on, your best swords equipped, and that you’ve saved the game and restored any missing health.

3 Kill the Wraith!

The time has come. You’ve figured out what’s binding the Noonwraith to this world and that you’ll have to defeat it to rid the village of it for good. Burn the skeleton and the found bracelet by using Igni, and the Noonwraith will appear, no matter what time it is.

You can’t do much damage to any kind of wraith when they’re in their ghostly non-corporeal form. Use Yrden and she’ll become tangible, allowing you to strike her for some good damage. Occasionally, she’ll spawn clones. While they’re around, she’ll try to heal, so make sure you take them out quickly.

Once you’ve defeated the Noonwraith, take the trophy by looting the remains. You’ll also receive 50 XP for defeating her.

2 Accept or Refuse the Reward

Head back to Odolan and show him the trophy. He’ll grant you 50 more XP and offer you the payment you negotiated earlier. You can, however, refuse the money out of kindness. You’ll still get the experience, but he’ll give you an amethyst instead of the coin. The quest will complete.

1 Tomira and the Extra Reward

There’s a little bit extra you can do after this quest is complete, though. Odolan will tell you that the name from the diary, Claer, was once mentioned by the local herbalist Tomira, whom Geralt might be acquainted with if you’ve done the associated quests that put you in contact with her.

Go talk to Tomira and tell her about the Noonwraith and Odolan. She’ll give you a bit more information on what happened to the abandoned village. She’ll also reward you with ten crowns, ten XP, and some alchemy ingredients.

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