The Witcher 3 Comes To PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now has recently been adding some big names to its catalog, but those are all dwarfed by today’s announcement of The Witcher 3 – which is available right now on Sony’s streaming service.

PS Now subscribers are getting more than the base game, as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition includes all available DLC along with post-launch enhancements. Expansions included with your monthly membership consist of Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, two massive updates that delve deeper into the story of Geralt and take you on new adventures across The Continent.

The Witcher 3 can be streamed or downloaded on PS4 and PS5, and you can even stream it on PC using the official PS Now desktop app.

Before The Witcher 3 made its way to the PS Now catalog, Sony brought big names such as Nioh and Streets of Rage 4 to its members. A few months earlier, we also saw the arrival of 1080p game streaming, marking a big improvement in the technical capacity of the service. It’s still not as popular as Xbox Game Pass, but it’s clear Sony isn’t ready to concede the battle just yet.

If you’d rather get into some tabletop Witcher action, you’ll be glad to know that CD Projekt Red is teaming up with Go On Board to bring miniatures of the iconic series to life.

The Witcher 3 will be available on PS Now until September 6.

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