The Witcher 3 High Stakes Guide — How To Beat Tybalt

Sometimes it isn’t a monster or soldier that poses the greatest threat to you in The Witcher 3, but a simple deck of cards. Gwent is arguably as deep and enjoyable an experience as the rest of the base game, even earning itself a stand alone spin-off, and Geralt is as big a fan as any. Despite only going up against NPCs, the High Stakes side quest is not for the unprepared. These Gwent masters will put your deck and strategy to the test, especially the final opponent Tybalt. If you need some pointers on how to win this high stakes tournament, check out our guide.

The Witcher 3 High Stakes Guide

You kick off this quest in Novigrad by reading a post on the notice board by St. Gregory’s Bridge. Follow the waypoint to Passiflora and you can enter the tournament, but before you do make sure you have your deck built up and ready. Once you enter the tournament, you will not be able to leave to collect more cards, so make a save here if you think you might need to go out and collect some stronger cards.

After paying the entry fee, you are able to go around speaking to the players if you wish, or just get right down to playing after talking to Sasha. While you technically do not need to win a single match to complete the quest, winning all your matches, including Tybalt at the end, will reward you with unique cards you can’t get anywhere else in the game. If you intend on winning the whole thing, save before each match just in case.

The first match is against Bernard Tulle. He uses a Northern Realms deck, which is also recommended for you to be using. If you’re more comfortable with another deck, and have built it up with strong cards, by all means use that one instead. This first round isn’t too hard, as long as you’re familiar with Gwent. He has a Triss and Ciri hero cards, and some decent back row units, but nothing else too dangerous.

Once you win that round, Sasha will approach you again to propose teaming up to take the prize money once the tournament is over. Geralt will agree and, as it turns out, Sasha is your next opponent. She turns out to be just as difficult, if not harder, to beat than even Tybalt. She has a Nilfgaardian deck with a ton of spy type cards backed up with very powerful attack units and heroes like Letho and Tibor. Your best bet is to try and use her own deck against her with spy cards of your own, plus swapping out her spies with decoys.

This will be a long, drawn out, game so be patient. Sometimes knowing when to forfeit a round to save your cards is the best option.

Once you win you’ll be sent right into the next match against Finneas, packing a Scoia’tael deck, with no chance to save. This will be a much easier match, thankfully, so just don’t let your nerves get to you. Once you beat him at cards you’ll also have to beat him up when he gets upset and attacks you.

How To Beat Tybalt

Manage to win against Finneas and you’ll be given the chance to battle Tybalt in a game of Gwent in the finals. Tybalt has a nasty monster deck, so make sure you’ve got the biting frost weather card to neutralize his units as much as possible so they don’t overwhelm you. Let him play out his deck and run low on cards, or let him pass his turn before freezing his units to make it an easy win. Spy cards are also very strong against a monster deck.

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