The Witcher 3 “Light Edition” Leaks For Nintendo Switch

A leak has revealed that CD Projekt Red’s smashingly successful Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has not yet finished with its Nintendo Switch release and that a “light” version of the game will be made available for the Switch sometime soon.

According to Nintendo Life, the leak comes via a market listing from Media Markt, a German retailer that seems to have jumped the gun on putting up a store page for Witcher 3 Lite. CD Projekt Red and Nintendo have yet to announce anything related to the leak, but Media Markt’s placeholder listing puts the release date on October 16th.

Witcher 3 was always a strange pick for a Switch port, given how much of the game involves violence, gore, and Geralt of Rivia getting down and dirty with multiple women. But despite the discrepancy between the game’s content and the Switch’s family-friendly reputation, Witcher 3 has enjoyed a fair amount of success, not to mention selling so well in general that it’s being ported over to next-generation consoles like the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Still, it’s strange that a “light” version of the game would be planned for the Switch when the original game and DLCs have already been ported over. It would have been once thing if the original Switch port had been a condensed version of Witcher 3, as the Switch is comparatively weaker than other consoles due to it doubling as a handheld. Instead, Witcher 3 for the Switch was released last year with all DLCs and expansions, and although the game was playable, it was clear from its graphics and even gameplay that the port suffered the Switch’s limitations; as Witcher 3 fans were keen on pointing out.

While the timing is strange, it also seems to be deliberate, as the release day of Witcher 3 “light”, October 16th, marks the one year anniversary of the original port’s release. How the light version will differ from the Switch port and original game will have to be seen, as it seems out of character for Nintendo and CD Projekt Red to okay a version of Witcher 3 with content shaven off the game.

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