The Witcher Fan Theory Explains Why Jaskier Is Seemingly Immortal In Show

One Witcher fan’s theory on why Jaskier doesn’t seem to age in the show seems like the best explanation yet.

We get that The Witcher’s timeline can be a bit confusing–especially since there isn’t a lot of evidence on screen to suggest that time has passed. Geralt is a Witcher, so he ages extremely slowly, but so too do all the mages that populate The Witcher’s cast.

Jaskier isn’t a mage; he’s a bard. But he still seems to be as ageless as everyone else, and that’s more than a little weird.

Between the first episode when Jaskier and Geralt meet and episode five, Jaskier himself says that 10 years have passed. And yet it seems as though Jaskier hasn’t aged a day. Why is that?

One Witcher fan posted their theory on the Witcher subreddit. User Tumbleweed223 believes that Jaskier just pulled a Jaskier and put his mouth where it doesn’t belong.

“They say they messed up on Jaskier by not aging him with all the time jumps in the show. I say he just bull****** his way to immortality by drinking some potion, thinking it was wine. ‘Cause that’s just a very bard thing to do.”

This sort of wraps up the mystery, although it becomes strange that Netflix decided to cut the “Jaskier Accidentally Becomes Immortal” episode from the show’s first season.

Another fan had a different theory and thought that Jaskier was just exaggerating how long he and Geralt had known each other. According to another user, however, 22 years have passed since the first and last episodes, putting Jaskier’s age from 18 in the beginning to 40 at the end. He’s one good-looking 40-year-old, and a life of wine and singing just isn’t enough to explain away Jaskier’s lack of wrinkles.

Potion of immortality. It just has to be.

Here’s hoping that Jaskier’s apparent immortality means we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in season 2.

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