The Zelda Locations That Would Make The Best Lego Sets

Rumors indicate that a Great Deku Tree set may be in the works at LEGO. That isn't too surprising, given that we've seen Sonic, Mario, and Horizon Zero Dawn sets in recent years. Though it's just a rumor at this point, it would be great to see LEGO introduce Zelda sets, as there has rarely been a gaming series so perfectly suited for the LEGO treatment. Zelda games are typically built around dungeons, and dungeons are just buildings — the thing LEGO does best — with enemies and puzzles.

With that in mind, these are the locations that would make for the best Zelda LEGO sets.

4 Hyrule Castle

This is the most obvious choice, but also the most challenging. Hyrule Castle shows up in every Zelda game, with minor to major variations, so which version should the ideal LEGO set represent?

Well, this is why it's fortunate we're talking about LEGO and not Playmobil or some other kind of fixed play set. LEGO, by its very nature, is modular. This set could come with the gray bricks, turrets, and roof tiles thatwould work for all the games. In addition the set could also include items that allow builders to customize Hyrule Castle to match their favorite iterations. Want it to look like the castle from Breath of the Wild? The set could come with black and purple bricks to represent Ganon's oozing presence, or Guardians to stand guard at the entrance. If you're an Ocarina of Time fan, you could build an entire hedge maze outside. A Link to the Past variation could include pink and orange flowers and those tiles with those eye symbols. The possibilities are limitless (or, at least, only limited by the number of Hyrule Castles the series has given us).

3 A Divine Beasts Series

In Breath of the Wild, the Divine Beasts are all made from the same material — it looks sorta like sandstone — so this could either be a series of sets or one big set that could be assembled in four different ways. Toys that can transform from one thing into another have always been cool (it's the whole appeal of Transformers!), and being able to build Vah Naboris, Vah Ruta, Vah Rudania, and Vah Medoh from the same pool of pieces would satisfy that primal urge.

2 Tarrey Town

Breath of the Wild is so filled with LEGO-able locations, but I'm trying to limit this set to just a few. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Tarrey Town, the BOTW location that is assembled like a LEGO set as you play. Tarrey Town is a village that Link slowly helps build by recruiting craftspeople and merchants to move to the settlement. Isolated on a plateau above Lake Akkala on steep rocky cliffs, Tarrey Town's buildings are all assembled by Bolson Construction Company, and have a colorful modular design that's a perfect fit for LEGO.

1 An Original Zelda Brick Set

The original Zelda displayed its world one screen at a time. As a result, none of its iconic images are whole dungeons or villages. Instead, singular screens are recognizable and it would be fairly straightforward to put out a brickset that builders could use to assemble some individual screens from the game. Add a Link minifig,some octorok extras, blue water bricks, trees/bushes, tan dirt bricks, and some green dungeon bricks, and you're halfway there. Throw a few Triforce pieces in the mix and you've got a winning LEGO set that would allow nostalgic Zelda fans to build any moment from their favorite game on the kitchen table.

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