TheGamer’s Guide To Building A Budget Gaming Computer

With so many of us suddenly working from home, many of you are likely considering building up upgrading your PC right now. We recently had the opportunity to build a PC from scratch and discovered that a lot of computer parts are at an all-time low right now because of current market conditions. It’s a really great time to build a gaming PC if you’ve got the time and budget, and this guide is here to save you a little of both.

We’ll be covering all of the essential parts you need in order to run your typical 2020 release (like DOOM Eternal or Modern Warfare) on medium-high to high settings. We’ll also be making some specific recommendations based on what we believe will give you the best bang for your buck, and along the way, some glow up options if you want to spend a little extra to get a little bit more.

Without further ado, here is TheGamer’s Guide To Building A Budget Gaming Computer

Part 1: Why Build Your Own?

Part 2: CPU, Mobo, And GPU

Part 3: Memory And Storage

Part 4: PSU, Cases, And Cooling

Part 5: Monitor And Peripherals

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