There’s A Hell In Fall Guys And That Hell Is Called Cheater Island

Fall Guys dev reveal that it has been secretly forcing cheaters to match with each other on separate global servers, and it has named that hellish place Cheater Island.

Fall Guys has been the unmitigated hit of the summer. Just as Tiger King helped some of us ease into lockdown back in March, Fall Guys has felt a little like the next phenomenon to keep us entertained as the world crumbles around us. Fall Guys is about as light-hearted and care-free as a video game gets, so the perfect remedy to help people forget what is going on in the real world right now.

However, as is the case with almost anything good, there are some people out there who are intent on ruining everyone’s good time. In the Fall Guys universe, those people take the form of cheaters. Getting your hands on a crown is hard enough as it is. Throw a bunch of cheaters into any given show and it becomes pretty much impossible for anyone who is abiding by the rules.

Mediatonic has assured its players that it has been doing everything in its power to deal with Fall Guys cheaters. Today, as its social media manager returned from a week-long holiday, how exactly the game’s devs have been dealing with cheaters was revealed. Rather than banning them outright, devs have been using software to detect cheaters and tag them. Once tagged, they are sent to a not-so-magical placed called Cheater Island.

To begin with, there weren’t enough cheaters for an actual show to take place on Cheater Island. Players who had been sent there would simply be “falling forever” as the game searched for matches that weren’t there. That means anyone you may have seen complaining about falling forever on social media has likely been tagged a cheater. However, to the surprise of the devs, eventually, enough cheaters had been tagged for Cheater Island to play host to its own shows.

Since then, videos have been posted online alongside claims that every single player in a given show is cheating. While Mediatonic is unable to confirm this, it’s likely that the footage is from a match taking place on Cheater Island. The above thread ends with the revelation that Cheater Island is now closed. Cheaters are now unable to log in, so banished from the game entirely. Mediatonic will also be using Epic’s anti-cheat software very soon to further stamp cheating out of Fall Guys for good.

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