This Crusader Kings 3 Mod Removes Your Characters’ Clothes (For Some Reason)

There’s a mod out there for Crusader Kings 3 that ensures the emperor never wears any clothes.

Crusader Kings is a very special game franchise. Very few games let you marry your sister to begin an incestuous line of nobles that get progressively more inbred the further along you go. And if that’s not really your speed, you can just sleep your way across Europe, building alliances and dynasties as you go.

There’s murder, intrigue, and now by royal decree (using a mod, of course), a requirement for nudity in the King’s court.

The mod is called “Undress,” and what it does is basically in the title. Crusader Kings 3 has far more intricate character models than previous iterations, and the mod takes advantage of this by simply removing the clothes each character is wearing.

This doesn’t leave the emperor completely barren, of course. Rulers are left with their crowns and a fig leaf covering their nether regions. Women are left bare-breasted while children are left in their undergarments, thankfully.

Why does this mod exist? Well, for starters, Crusader Kings 3 features quite a bit of nudity already–especially if your ruler is the philandering type. If you get caught trying to bed a rival duchess, then a humorous scene will appear displaying your naked ruler while the duke declares a secession over the affair.

This mod just ensures those naked models are available all the time.

Undress has sort of taken over the Crusader Kings subreddit of late with many medieval rulers showcasing their humorously bare bottoms. The mod used to be the most popular download on the Steam Workshop, but it has since mysteriously disappeared. One suspects that it was reported and removed for violating Steam’s puritanical content rules.

It seems doubtful that Undress will return to Steam anytime soon, but you can probably request the mod from someone on the Crusader Kings subreddit.

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