This Doom Mod Fuses The Creepiness Of Alien And System Shock

The original Doom may have left players with a foreboding sense of unease, but its overall fun-factor was cranked up by the incomparable feeling of blasting monsters with shotguns. The modern Doom (2016) and the most recent entry Doom Eternal rebooted the action fare, going hard on frenetic and fast-paced gunplay. But there were times when Doom tried for a different feel.

id Software went down the survival horror route on Doom 3 almost two decades ago, in an impressive graphical showcase for the time, and the Windows PC game was later ported to the Xbox in 2005. And a new mod (thanks PCGamesN), which has been in development for some time, revises Doom 2 to put it squarely in the survival horror genre, with all the attendant creepiness.

The mod is named Siren and brings to mind the creepy corridors of Alien or System Shock. Siren's creator Dithered Output has been at work on the mod for at least two years and the latest version is playable in a new demo. The modder says they aimed for "an experience closer to an Aliens game but with the variety and gameplay benefits the roster of Doom monsters brings".

The mod is a creation based on Doom 2, which launched on PC in 1994 and which was ported to PlayStation a year later. Over on Siren's mod page, the description sets up the premise: "An intercepted distress signal lures you to a UAC black-site. Your mission: containment. Siren is a total coversion [sic], of sorts, for ID's latest: Doom 2. Bringing a new rosta [sic] of weapons get through its exclusive campaign."

Meanwhile, you can check out a trailer for the v0.6 of Siren above. Watching it the influence of Alien(s) is clear as we see a roomful of eggs attached to the floor, while the lighting and effects recall innovative immersive sim System Shock. There is also a black smoke monster thing which brings to mind Prey.

To play Siren, PC users will need a copy of the campaign demo, GZDoom, and either Doom 2 or Final Doom. There really seems to be no end to Doom and its many iterations and influences. See, for example, this Minecraft Doom mod.

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