This Last Of Us Fan Is Recreating Shots From The HBO Show In Part 1’s Photo Mode

Last week was The Last Of Us Day, and HBO released the first trailer for the upcoming live-action series to celebrate the occasion. The trailer showed a few scenes that will be new to the series, but also quite a few scenes that'll be intimately familiar to fans of Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic thriller.

To test her photographic skills, a self-described virtual photographer took to The Last Of Us Part 1 Remake and perfectly recreated many of the scenes featured in the trailer. NoblePhoenixVP, or @GSmind89 on Twitter, is the co-founder of #EllieFridays and a lover of in-game photo modes. They recently posted an entire thread on Twitter showcasing their work trying to recreate the trailer scene by scene.

Most of it is bang-on, such as the scene where Joel is walking down the streets of Boston past curfew signs warning residents to stay indoors after dark. Or the scene where Ellie discovers the sign of the Fireflies.

NoblePhoenixVP admits that not every shot is a perfect recreation. The opening scene of the trailer with the two collapsed towers isn't quite represented in-game, nor is the trailer scene where Joel and Ellie are hiding from clickers in a sewer pipe. But where the game and trailer diverged, NoblePhoenixVP said the lighting tool still allowed for more general recreations.

"Most of these were made possible with the use of the lighting tool," they said. "Such a game changer when you wanna achieve a specific look and feel to your shots."

In case you haven't heard, The Last Of Us is coming to HBO Max sometime in 2023. Pedro Pascal plays Joel, Bella Ramsey is Ellie, and Gabriel Luna plays Tommy. The original Tommy voice actor, Jeffrey Pierce, will play an entirely new character named Perry, a rebel operating in the quarantine zone. There are also a few more entirely new characters that will expand on the world of The Last Of Us.

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