This Skyrim Mod Makes Every Dragon The State Of Ohio

As a wise Ohio once said, with God, all things are possible, but with the Creation Kit modding tools, all things are possible. Like turning dragons into the state of Ohio. The literal state – the slab of land.

Trainwiz's new mod does just that, swapping out every dragon from Alduin to Paarthurnax with the state of Ohio. They aren't rigged to fit the dragon's skeleton either, so they appear as a hovering piece of disconnected land that spews fire from its capital.

"This one wonders what states would replace Paarthurnax and Odahviing?" one commenter asked. "It's all Ohio," Trainwiz responded. So if you fancy giving your Skyrim a bit of midwestern twang, you can pop this mod into your download list and regret it immediately. Just look at the video below which shows Ohio flying about Helgen, tearing it down as Hadvar screams at a child.

Trainwiz even put together a nifty little Q&A on the mod page for all your burning questions like, "Why do dragons turn into another Ohio when they die instead of Florida?" They said, "Florida is a kind of Ohio."

Another asked, "Why?" They said, "Huh?" And finally, the last point said, "You missed a dragon, it's not Ohio!" But Trainwiz isn't having it, "Yeah it is." All dragons are Ohio, so good luck escaping one of America's most interesting states.

If you've ever wondered what the literal state of Ohio would look like floating disembodied in the air above a burning medieval fantasy village, awkwardly watching as smoke pours in behind it, here it is.

The mod is tagged as "not lore-friendly", although I can't figure out why, and it's also compatible with Skyrim VR. This might just be the closest you get to visiting the birthplace of aviation.

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