This Week In Overwatch 2: Two Weeks Of Grind, More Free Rewards, And A Sojourn Rework

Overwatch 2 is currently hosting its Battle for Olympus limited time event. Having your favourite Heroes reworked and reskinned with the powers of beings from Greek mythology sounds pretty cool; but, like with many other things related to the game, it isn't exactly working as intended. The event tasks players with completing certain challenges that require a ridiculous amount of grind.

Beating All Battle For Olympus Challenges Could Take Two Weeks Of Grinding

Considering that the event is on for two weeks, you'd think there would be enough time for players to complete at least most of the challenges. However, just to prove that these challenges are ludicrous, one player did the math to figure out how long it would take to complete all of them, i.e. getting 300 kills with each of the seven Heroes.

They generously assumed that if we get 17 eliminations per game, it would take roughly 18 games to get 300 eliminations per Hero, with each game lasting ten minutes. It would take 21 hours to complete the challenge for all seven Heroes. Assuming that the average person gets 1.5 hours to play, and it would take you well over two weeks to complete them.

Upcoming Update Will Address Lack Of Free Rewards

The above is just one example of how tight-fisted Blizzard is when it comes to in-game currency and rewards. You need to grind for hours before the game deems it fit for you to be able to unlock any cosmetic. And you can forget about the free Battle Pass giving you anything worthwhile. This, among other things, has become a major pain point for the community.

Thankfully, it looks like that's about to change. "We have some updates coming in [season 3] that we’ll be talking about soon to help address the lack of choice in rewards," said Overwatch 2 executive producer, Jared Neuss. "I’ll keep it vague for now." While Neuss has kept things vague, it's good to know that the devs are looking into this issue.

Players Already Want A Sojourn Rework

While Heroes are being reworked to give them godly powers, it seems Overwatch 2 players want devs to completely rework the base version of one particular Hero. I'm sure you can guess who I'm talking about; fans haven't exactly been muted in their criticisms for Sojourn. She featured prominently in the comments of a Reddit post that asked players which Hero should be removed or reworked.

"I agree on Sojourn," said one comment. "The higher in rank you climb, the more insane she gets. The nerfs didn't do much because with a mercy pocket she can still destroy everyone." Another comment had an idea for how she could be reworked. "I think they should rework her slide ability and have it feel more like she's building up for larger jumps. Like a charge meter on her slide, and the longer she slides the bigger the jump at the end."

Fans Discuss Their Least Favorite Bits Of Lore

Despite being an online shooter, the Overwatch universe has a fair bit of lore. However, not all of it is that great, and fans decided to discuss storylines they didn't like at all.

"For me it's gotta be Hanzo 'killing' Genji. Not so much the act itself but the way he did it. I can understand him killing Genji to protect his family's honor and everything but why did he kill him so brutally?" said the original poster. Other comments mentioned frustration for the lack of lore on Sigma, and why Germany decided to stay in the Middle Ages.

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