This Week In Pokemon: Valentine’s Day, Anime Release Date, And More

It was a quiet week for Pokemon news, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to go through. In fact, some of the announcements we did get are pretty significant, with a very welcome update from the new anime series, as well as details on the next Pokemon Go update.

So, from Valentine’s Day to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mods, here are all the Pokemon stories that caught our eye this week.

New Pokemon Anime Without Ash Set To Air April 14

As we all know by now, Ash’s days as the protagonist of the Pokemon anime are numbered. He finally became the very best (like no one ever was), and there’s not much further you can go from there. Instead, he’s passing the baton over to our new hero, Liko, and now we know exactly when that will happen.

The new Pokemon anime will premiere April 14, so not long at all after Ash’s big send-off. This was revealed with a new teaser for the series, introducing us to Liko. Other details are being kept under wraps, such as which ‘mon will fill Pikachu’s big shoes as the series mascot. It’s hard to imagine any Pokemon pulling that off, however, so that might not be something the show tries to do.

Pokemon Go Celebrates Valentine's Day With Gardevoir And Tapu Lele

Sorry Pokemon fans, you won’t be spending the day with your significant other. That’s right, new ‘mon are dropping in Pokemon Go. I’m sure your partner will understand.

Shiny variants of Tapu Lele and Frillish can be found in the wild, perfect for those of you on a mission to catch ‘em all. Mega Gardevoir will also be available, so dedicated trainers can’t afford to miss this latest update.

Most of the new additions went live on February 8, concluding on Valentine's Day itself. So act fast if you want to keep the big day free.

Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod Lets You Play As Rowlet

Grass Types just don’t get enough love, and you can see this perfectly in what ‘mon get to join the Smash Bros. roster. The closest we got was Ivy being added as one of the fighters Pokemon Trainer could deploy in Brawl and Ultimate, but aside from that, nothing. So why not even the odds with this new Smash Bros. Ultimate mod?

This mod adds Rowlet to the game, replacing Jigglypuff. This is far from just a simple asset swap, however, as Rowlet boasts new animations and accessories. You can see the final results for yourself in a trailer shared by the mod’s creator, BeyondSmash. The finished product looks amazingly professional, fitting into Smash Bros seamlessly.

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