Thousands Of People Called Madden's Player Rating Hotline In A Single Day

All of the NFL players in Madden NFL 23 have ratings and you can freely look at them on EA’s official site. Is Kenny Pickett ranked high enough at a 68? If you don’t think so, you can call into Madden NFL’s ratings adjustor hotline (at 689-278-3030) to recommend it go up or down. Thousands of people called in within the first day of the hotline launching, and from EA’s snarky Twitter tone, it would appear most of them are complaints, likely about a beloved players rating being too low or a hated players rating being too high.

Shoutout to the thousands of fans who called into the #Madden23 Ratings Hotline yesterday to let us know they ????? with our ratings☎️?

According to Emma Waldren, Madden’s creator of content strategy and partnerships, over 1,000 people called in within just six hours.

1000 of you called the #Madden23 #RatingsAdjustor hotline in the first six hours ?

Some NFL players also got involved to joke around about the ratings, clearly with EA’s involvement.

Tell me why a #RatingsAdjustor thinks I got no hands with the 72 catch rating…

Spam 689-278-3030 until @EAMaddenNFL fixes that! #EAathlete

89 speed for the fastest edge in the league?!

Don’t stop calling 689-278-3030 until a #RatingsAdjustor get it right #EAathlete

Yo @EAMaddenNFL I’m only heading into year 2 and you’re already fleecing me on ratings!!

Call 689-278-3030 to talk to a #RatingsAdjustor and get me right #EAathlete

The hotline is a fun way to interact with fans and draw attention to this year’s ratings. Is there a chance a fan called in with a legitimate change that needs to be made to a player’s rating? We’ll have to wait to see, but no matter what, I’d call the hotline a success as it brought out some laughs.

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