Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Player Earns Perfect Item With 1-in-85 Billion Chance Of Dropping

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, like every Borderlands game before it, uses a complex loot generation system that can provide such an enormous variety of possibilities that Borderlands 3 was described as having over a billion different guns. Add in a few sliding scales for the possible stat distributions on those items, and the possibilities get even bigger.

The Amalgam mod might not be a gun, but it still has a lot of different possibilities packed into a single item. That’s because this Ascended-tier mod comes with five randomized bonus stats (compared to the usual three that comes with most mods), as well as the possibility for two additional class bonuses.

The mod found by streamer Moxsy, though, is almost one of a kind. His perfect Ascended Warlock's Amalgam of Glorious Purpose mod provides 49.4 percent more spell damage, 59.3 percent ability critical hit chance, 29.7 percent area damage, 29.7 percent all damage dealt, and 59.3 percent spell critical chance. It also improves the Spellshot class by 52.6 percent and Graveborn by 26.3 percent.

Moxsy said “woah” quite a few times after finding this particular mod on stream last week. In an interview with Kotaku, Moxsy explained that the mod could have dropped with more defensive or utility stats, but he got "super lucky" to get one "with all damage stats."

The odds of that happening are already pretty low. As explained by ConstantCanadian, the odds of getting Moxsy’s exact roll is astronomically low. First, it’s an Ascended item which already has a 1/100 chance of dropping. Then the Spellshot and Graveborn class enhancements have a 1/30 chance, and the various skill combinations the Amalgam can roll with have 1/28,440,720 chance. Multiply it all together and the chances of this particular Amalgam dropping are 1/85,233,160,000, or 0.00000000117%. You’d have better odds playing the lottery.

Moxsy told Kotaku that he doesn’t recommend anyone try to grind for this particular Amalgam roll. "This is obviously too rare," he said.

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