Tony Todd Compares Spider-Man 2 To The Miles Morales Rhino Chase

Tony Todd has likened the scope of Spider-Man 2 to the opening scene of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which featured a big setpiece moment where Miles and Peter chased Rhino through a shopping mall.

Earlier this week, Tony Todd, the actor playing Venom in Spider-Man 2, teased that he had some career news coming up, which was instantly assumed to be in reference to Insomniac's next game. While that didn't end up being the case, it seems that Todd was teasing his involvement in an interview, where he did end up mentioning Spider-Man 2.

As pointed out by Twitter user SpiderMan3news, Todd was recently interviewed by Twitch streamer Deeper Depths for his podcast, Deeper Levels. During the interview, Depths mentions Spider-Man 2 and asks Todd to sum up what it's going to be like without giving anything away, asking him how "mind-blowing" it's going to be.

Todd then replies by saying, "Okay, you know the scene in Miles Morales where they're chasing Rhino and they're smashing through windows and you don't know what happens and you've got glass falling down around you. That's what it's going to be like". Deeper Depths then asks if Todd means that it's going to be more cinematic, to which Todd says, "Venom doesn't play man".

Although it's a pretty vague comparison, not only does it show that Todd is familiar with what's happened in previous Spider-Man games and seems pretty into his role, but it seems to imply that the sequel is going to have more setpiece moments than the last two games. Miles Morales also upped the ante a little bit compared to Peter's first adventure, so it's nice to know that Insomniac is going to keep things going.

Although Todd doesn't give much more information on Spider-Man 2 during the interview, he does go on to say that, "Venom doesn't give a damn whose name is on the box", cheekily suggesting how important his role in the game will be and that the villain should be standing shoulder to shoulder with Peter and Miles.

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